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On the Rio Bocay in Northern Nicaragua






In Columbo, Sri Lanka, with Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe and the Universal Love and   Brotherhood Association


On a peace march through the streets of Kolkata, India


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                                  In Venezuela celebrating the Bolivarian Revolution


Here you will find a great deal of information about his lifetime work as a philosopher, educator, traveler, peace activist, and leader of the Earth Federation Movement. His articles are found on the blog section, photos of international travel in the Photo Galleries section, and much information about the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), the Earth Federation Institute (EFI), the Provisional World Parliament (PWP), and the World Parliament University (WPU) under these tabs. His eleven books are also featured on this website. Take your time, reflect thoughtfully on what you find, and from it perhaps glean how you can become, in your own way, a world citizen working on behalf of the future of humanity and our precious planet Earth.