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Design for a Living Planet: The Earth Constitution Solution

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“Design for a Living Planet is a guide for current and future action, and Glen Martin outlines the world structures needed to ensure the rights and common good of all humanity. This book is a vital presentation of the
avenues to transcend the current geopolitical, conflictual structures toward a world society in which individuals can develop their full potential.”

~ Rene Wadlow, President of the Association of World Citizens,
Professor Emeritus at Graduate Institute of Development Studies,
Geneva, Switzerland

“Earth is a living planet. At the current rate of destruction, we will soon minimize the life cycle of Earth and its people. Hence, Design for a Living Planet can be taken as a hub for the wheel of holistic life. The Earth Constitution has been mooted by Dr. Martin; it is now for us to implement it without any apprehension, whatsoever. Moreover, the War Pentagon should mandatorily be replaced with the Peace Pentagon.”

~ Colonel Tejendra Pal Tyagi, Veer Chakra, Executive President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association in India, and National President of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha in India (National Vanguard of ex-servicemen and patriotic citizens)

global democracy and human self transcendenceGlobal Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence

The Power of the Future for Planetary Transformation

by Glen T. Martin





Some Reader’s Remarks

Dr. Patricia Murphy, Philosophy, St. Joseph’s University, Director, International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO):

The comprehensive quality, and the depth of Glen Martin’s most recent work, Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence, is breathtaking…. New readers, whether drawn to this work through an interest in the environment, politics, legal studies, philosophy or spirituality, will be educated by the breadth of the author’s understanding of the interdependency of these fields… Decades of experience, reflection and philosophical practice can be discerned within this bellwether call for a new world order governed by an inclusive and egalitarian World Parliament, which Martin proposes as both necessary and sufficient for planetary sustainability, peace and human flourishing.


—Eugenia Almand, JD, Executive Director, Institute on World Problems:

 Enlightening and Essential Reading:  Following the whole systems sciences and philosophy of the twentieth century, Dr. Glen Martin takes the reader step-by-step from the current world disorder to the inexorable necessity of the ordinary, everyday human being to engage in the setting of an explicit world constitutional system. He shows the multiple ways that this practical solution to our lethal problems is embedded within human temporality with its vision of a future transcending the past. He shows that the social contract best suited for human survival and flourishing has already been created—the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  This book is enlightening and essential reading!


—Swami Agnivesh, author Applied Spirituality: A Spiritual Vision for the Dialogue of Religions:

Dr. Glen T. Martin clearly understands that spirituality integrates the salvation of the individual with the transformation of society. With great insight into the role of human temporality in the processes of spiritual growth and self-transcendence, he shows that the future could be truly different from the past, both for individuals and for humanity.


—Dr. Richard Perkins, Philosophy, Canesius College:

In Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence, Martin argues that the key to unlocking a solution lies in human temporality and in the recognition, as Teilhard de Chardin puts it, that “man is the leading shoot of evolution.”  He calls upon his readers to become the prophets of transformation who guide mankind toward increasingly global awareness and makes the case that this awareness entails an all-encompassing new world order instituted under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth….

Although we are ontologically disposed to transcendence, we need to choose wisely.  Making the right choice prepares the way to peace, unity, justice, and sustainability—amounting, in his estimation, to an eminently practical utopia. Martin’s argument, it seems to me, is a very persuasive one, and in prosecuting his case he displays prodigious learning, penetrating analysis, and intense passion.


—Rev. Laura M. George, J.D., Executive Director of The Oracle Institute and award-winning author of The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions, The Love: Of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm, and The Light: And the New Human:

 Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence.  As a member of the global community, I applaud Dr. Martin’s treatise on how we may achieve global unity and a federated Earth. His vision – the vision embodied in The Earth Constitution – is the only rational and compassionate path forward. As Dr. Martin explains, most of humanity is ready for this evolutionary model of world government. Collectively, we have reached a state of world-centric maturity to permit such a leap into the future. Let us embrace this holistic horizon! And let us utilize the map provided by The Earth Constitution to manifest the utopian goal of global social democracy.


—Dr. Ronald J. Glossop, Philosophy, Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville Author of the well-known books, Confronting War, and World Federation?

Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence addresses what Professor Glen Martin views as humanity’s 21st-century critical choice between its continued existence or the end of all life on planet Earth.  He says our challenge is to “overcome the evils of fragmentation, hatred, fear, greed, and lust for power.”  We must use our creative intelligence and inherent capacity for self-transcendence…. We need to move beyond “the pseudo-realities of race, nation, ideology, dogmatic religion, property or other forms of ‘ego-identities,” personal or collective, that define who we are through the denial of others” to “a pacified and harmonious global civilization” with a genuinely democratic world government based on sovereignty for all who live on Earth.


—Tay Keong Tan, Ph.D.  Professor Political Science,  Director of International Studies and Leadership Studies, Radford University:

Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence reveals Glen T. Martin as consummate philosopher on a life-long mission for world peace and democracy. He writes with the discipline of an entrepreneur and the zeal of a missionary.


—Dr. Roger Kotila, Psychologist, President, Democratic World Federalists (DWF):

The book includes a sustained critique that challenges our institutional status quo, which continues “to colonize science in the service of perpetual wars,” and “to colonize culture in the service of fear, hate, and propaganda.”  Nietzsche wrote that “God is dead.”  Martin notes that it is rather we who are dead…”we are choosing death rather than life….”

The book shows in what ways the system of militarized sovereign states and global capitalism are hopelessly fragmented and destructive.  These institutions are entirely out of sync with the new holism discovered by all 20th century sciences.  If we want a peaceful, sustainable future on this planet, Martin shows, we need to affirm an institutional holism that makes this possible…. This book provides a new and powerful insight into the hope for a better future that permeates our human condition.


—Upendra Baxi, Ph.D., Prof. of Law Emeritus, University of Warwick & Delhi, India:

This a powerfully summoning book that brings in the good news that we may still overcome.  It brings forth a new politics of hope, pitted against the poetics of despair.  Here is a new vision of the world where distress of the Anthropocene is writ large and global impoverishment of politics is legible to all. Professor Glen T. Martin summons us to think that ‘choosing life’ is still doable in the face of extinction posed by the advancing Anthropocene…. I hope that the reader of this work will want to grasp the overall significance of the vision here propounded. The present, certainly, is a time of dystopias, but we need a resurgence of the utopic element of thought and feeling.

front cover OWROne World Renaissance

“I congratulate Dr. Glen Martin for his learned, practical, and inspired effort on behalf of world unity.”
—The Honorable A. P. Misra, retired Justice of the Supreme Court of India

“This book casts an important light on the possibility for building world government as an evolutionary process. . . The book is visionary and appears at a time when the speed of change and the perceived failings of current institutions call out for just such a vision.”
—Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Saybrook University; principal author, The Hidden Structure of Violence: Who Benefits from Global Violence and War

One World Renaissance is incredibly rich with insights, wisdom, and scholarship. All of humanity should be reading this remarkable book, which offers profound solutions to our global predicament.”
—Barbara Marx Hubbard, renowned futurist and author of Conscious Evolution

“Dr. Glen Martin is a global visionary who combines brilliance, heart and integrity. He’s a renowned activist for world democracy who clearly outlines the practical infrastructures needed to create a just and sustainable world. It is my hope that people everywhere will listen to Glen’s messages so that together we can go beyond the current global crises to a new level of human evolution.”
—Philip M. Hellmich, Director of Peace, The Shift Network; author of God and Conflict

“Dr. Glen Martin’s realistic narrative concerning the present world predicament must be seriously considered by all right-thinking people on earth.”
—E. P. Menon, author, global activist, and founder of the India Development Foundation

“This book by the well-known philosopher and humanist Dr. Glen Martin is extremely important as it concerns the most critical issues of our time – including the question of the very survival of humankind. It gives us hope that we won’t finally lose control over events in our troubled world.”
—Alexander N. Chumakov, Chair of Philosophy Department of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, First Vice-President of the Russian Philosophical Society

“A must read for all intellectuals, activists, and revolutionaries frustrated and shaken by perpetual war and chaos. Using the tools of philosophical analysis, Professor Martin helps us understand why the United Nations and the peace movement have been unsuccessful, and introduces the Earth Constitution as the powerful new social contract necessary to end global chaos and perpetual war.”
—Roger Kotila, PhD., Senior Fellow, Institute on World Problems, USA Vice President, World Constitution and Parliament Association

“Drawing support from leading philosophers and scientists, Dr. Martin proves that a federated Earth is the wisest and only practical answer to our global problems.”
Rev. Laura M. George, J.D., Executive Director of the Oracle Institute

“One World Renaissance is a work suited to the thoughtful reader looking for a philosophical study of a
unifying theory of human culture. . . Martin’s ambitious and well-researched work calls
for the recognition of a new paradigm of interconnectedness in order to face global crises.”
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“A philosophical study of a unifying theory of human culture . . . [an] ambitious and well-researched work.”
Foreword Reviews