We have spaces for 25 thirty-minute presentations and matching spaces for 25 session chairpersons.

In addition, we have 5 spaces on the last day for unscheduled presentations and many spaces for non-paper presenting participants.

All participants will have a full 30 minutes.


Room, board, and conference materials are

generously hosted by

O.P. Jindal Global University

University Campus: Sonipat Narela Road,

Near Jagdishpur Village, Sonipat, Haryana – 131 001, India.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation costs

Arrival and registration: December 9, 2019, afternoon.

Conference dates: Dec. 10, 11, and 12.

Departure: December 13, morning.


Sonipat Declaration

Unanimously approved by the WCPA Building the World Parliament Conference, 11 December 2018

Recognizing vast confusion and misery around the world, irrespective of the outward economic bearing among the diverse societies of the world;

Recognizing the unregulated industrial behemoths crushing the life of the Earth,together with our own ignorance despoiling the environment with various pollutions;

Recognizing the epochal extinction event in which we are occupants, victims and perhaps in some respects drivers;

Witnessing the dozen of more forms of real slavery, in respects of population far surpassing chattel systems of former days: bonded labor, convict leasing, itinerant worker abuse, union busting, student indenturement, sexual trafficking, sweatshop trafficking, and mercenary conscriptions;

Reminded by Earth’s astronomers’ and space scientists’ more recent observations and inescapable conclusions of the reducing cycles of the solar system’s electrical field, and the related space weather dangers this portends to humanity as a whole and living systems on the Earth, especially in the field of immediate climate upheaval and agricultural decimation, but also to every other Earth system;

Recognizing the futility of trying to address these problems through increase in disparity, social divisions, systemic violence, overt violence, glorification of nuclear military status and denial of voice to Earth’s millions;

Recognizing the Earth Constitution as a universal model and blueprint for a transforming world system;

We, participants of the Building the World Parliament 2018, gathered here in Sonipat, the Rajiv Gandhi Education City (RGEC) of Haryana, India, hereby declare our intention to educate ourselves and to educate those others willing to listen regarding self-government at a universal level with agreement to abide by the limits of the Earth Constitution, and affirming both public and private partnerships in our effort to establish an authoritative World Parliament.

We urge recognition and protection of all human rights for all human beings, with the prompt dissolution of all forms of slavery and abuse, all forms of human-generated environmental destruction, all forms of organized and institutionalized violence. We demand global self-determination by all the people of Earth. In Hindi, the main language of Haryana where our conference is meeting, this translates as Preethvi Swaraj (universal self-rule).

We seek the establishment and enforcing of standards so that no human being need live in abject poverty, in subjection to violence and bullying in any form.

We demand the protection of all, and especially protection for all the children, who have already been suffering far too greatly, with until now little prospect of relief.

It is not enough for people to advocate for mere advisory world parliaments. There have been over a dozen various advisory world parliaments, many of which have been in operation for multiple scores of years, and continue to be in operation without benefit to the world public. Setting up another world parliamentary assembly with mere advisory status would only prolong the needless suffering and endanger all—the people of Earth are tired of being denied a meaningful, significant voice in the decisions that affect our lives. We insist on a real world parliament with compulsory status, elected in regular fair elections from world districts by the whole of the Earth’s adult population—the world’s electorate, and compelled to abide by the rigorous limits of a generally understandable world constitution. This must be empowered at the fundamental level by the Mother’s Parliament and by numerous other grassroots individuals and organizations across our planet.


We commit ourselves to both study and action, and to do the best to educate ourselves and all those who will listen, so that we may establish a democratic, non-military world federation to be governed in accordance with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.



December 10 and 11, 2018, at O.P. Jindal Global University

Conference Theme:  “Human Rights, Resistance to Empire,and Establishing a World Parliament.” This conference recognizes the Earth Constitution as a universal model and blueprint for a transformed World System:



Glen Martin’s “United Nations 2.0”
Events in San Francisco Bay Area



Fourteenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament
December 27-31


Peace Pentagon

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