Dr. Sekhara Gowd Mitta & Dr. Suresha K.V.

Review of the book

One World Renaissance

By Dr. Sekhara Gowd Mitta & Dr. Suresha K.V.

“Vasudaiva Kutumakam”- The whole world is one single family.

The “One world Renaissance” book is not only a book but also the treasure of wisdom having in-depth review of the literature which analyses the world problems to attain the peace by practicing holism. It summarizes the philosopher’s thoughts through a the deep discussion by the author with reference to the present conditions of the world and future problems. It is not exaggeration if we say that it is the combination of holy epic books of the world with the intellectual’s thoughts. It ignites the minds of the people/ policy makers/ political leaders to find the alternative ways world peace.

The author presented this book in a scientifc manner by considering our world in a kaleidoscopic view, and he has elaborated the situation with a practical approach. Every word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter are deeply thought provoking, systematically arranged and takes the reader towards the path of holism. Each and every sentence in the book is a manifestation of holistic wisdom of the author.

The author begins the book the Chapter entitled “Emergent Cosmic Holism” wherein he has noted down the dimension of holism as a cosmic framework which has physical and metaphysical characteristics. The author has a lucid presentation of the paradigm shift required with reference to disharmony, fragmentation of our world, denuding forests, depletion of the most fundamental resources necessary to life such as agriculture lands, potable water, clean air and planetary forests. The author has rightly upheld the need for a paradigm shift starting with the parts and trying to build wholes which one has to think as integral to the parts. He aspires to see the new world individualism as subordinated into cosmic holism.

The Chapter “Holism and Ethics” reveals the concept of Holism has informed the study of ethics, hence both are inseparable. The author while giving a clear picture about ethical degradation across the globe has suggested the holism as peneshiya under the holistic scientific paradigm; the author foresees emergence of ethics in a new politics, a new economics, and a new conception of human life and civilization. Thus the author has revealed subtle issues that are suffocating the world order.

The Chapter “Legal Holism: The Rule of Law and Universal Harmony” held the chaos in the legal environment across the globe and stresses the need to harmonize the conflicting legal issues. The author firmly advocates for framing the Earth Constitution as a code for a harmonious, universal human civilization.

In the Chapter “From Disorder, No Order Can Emerge”, the author meaningfully pushes the agenda for discussion on the federation of as an embodiment of five principals of order which are rationally and lovingly expected to bond the world community into single entity.

In the Chapter “Sovereignty and the “Moral Autonomy” of Nations: Trashing the Rule of Law Everywhere on Earth, the author offers an effective presentation of state sponsored and private terrorism which are aptly described as deeply immoral. The author moves on to list out the ill effects of global oppression, exploitation, determination and other such negative things. The author consolidates his convictions on holism and outlines a decent and honest world economic system. Empowerment of freedom through holistic economics with holistic dignity now transformed to every human being.

In the Chapter “Economics, and the Earth Constitution as a Blueprint” the author humbly admits that the Earth Constitution is just a blue print which acts as guide for holistic human activities that may lead to different trajectories that within the circumference of world peace and nonviolence.

In the Chapter “The Question of Power in Relation to Global Government: Is There a Threat of Global Tyranny?” the author has magnificently portrayed the issues pertaining to empowering global

government in a holistically conceived law. For him this would contribute to the transformation in the world social order and thereby a harmonious human future. However, the dichotomous view of the author about the failure of the present world order through tyranny is very well appreciable. Though the author has suggested palatable solutions to this problem, he feels reservations about fruitions of this new order. It can be inferred that the author is feeling loneliness while heralding his noble thoughts. He knew that bonding the world community into the single union is not going to happen overnight with a single spark given by person like “Glen. T. Martin”. All like minded persons need to shoulder this responsibility: in that case miracles do happen.

In the Chapter “Holism and Eschatology: Transforming the World’s War System to a World Peace System and Breaking the Hold of One-Dimensional Thinking”, the author has a clear account of the world war system and its serious ill effects. The author has found the optimal solution in world peace system and he strongly advocates for breaking the hold of one dimensional thinking. The author projects a multi-dimensional thinking model where all human beings shall strive for holism and work ethically for transcending the fears of science, technology and organization to serve creative holism, justice, freedom and sustainability.

Finally, in the last chapter “Twenty-First Century Renaissance: The Reconciliation of Reason, Intuition, and Love”, the author given a call for a 21st Century Renaissance where Reconciliation of Reason, Intuition, and Love is manifested for the benefit of mankind. The author is a great dreamer and he has clear vision in this dream and expects rebirth of world, sans all evils.

Dr. Sekhara Gowd Mitta,

Dept of MBA, Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Tiptur


Founder & Managing Editor,

Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in Management, Social Sciences & Technology,

Tumkur District, Karnataka State, India, PIN– 572 10

Dr. K.V.Suresha,

Dean (Academics),

Associate Professor of Commerce,

JSS College of Arts, Commerce & Science(Autonomous),

Ooty Road, Mysore, Karnataka State, India.

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