The Global Pandemic and the Earth Constitution

Glen T. Martin


Urgent message to all WCPA members:  The world is facing a global pandemic from the COVID-19 virus.  We urge you to continue working on behalf of the Earth Constitution in every way possible except in face to face meetings. You should cancel scheduled WCPA related meetings and work on-line or by telephone. Pay attention to your government announced restrictions.  Let us join in solidarity with the rest of the world to try to get through this thing without taking unnecessary risks and without putting others at risk.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization in Geneva said yesterday that the latest data indicated 118,000 cases of COVID-19 infection in 114 countries with some 4,291 deaths, recognizing this as a “pandemic.” The COVID-19 virus first surfaced in Wuhan China in December and has since spread worldwide. UN Secretary-General António Guterres called on solidarity among the nations and peoples of the world in controlling the pandemic. He said that science tells us that we can control this if we “detect, test, treat, isolate, trace and mobilize” the people of each nation in the face of this global threat. The WHO is developing a COVID-19 Virus Treatment Master Plan. (For the sources of the information in this article, see the links below.)

              Entire countries or regions of countries in China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and elsewhere have been immobilized, health-care systems have been overwhelmed causing critical deficiencies in their ability to handle both the pandemic and the other health-care requirements of their populations. Such extreme situations, of course have huge secondary consequences.  Industries, transportation, tourism, schools, public events and the supplying of basic services become severely compromised. Food distribution and the supply of other necessities becomes reduced and precarious. Businesses, stores, and marketplaces begin to shut down.

              In relation to all this the stock market has plummeted, and a number of economists are talking about the coming great crash in the global economy, which could throw the entire world into an economic depression. Perhaps coincidentally, Russia and Saudi Arabia have both begun pumping great quantities of oil into the global marketplace, abandoning their former voluntary restraint and sending the price of oil down to $20 or less per barrel. This move substantially undercuts the US production of gas through fracking, since fracking is expensive and can only succeed economically if the price of oil is $50 or more. Some think this is payback by Russia for the US blocking the development of the Nord Stream Pipeline intended to bring inexpensive natural gas from Russia to Europe, and, in the case of Saudi Arabia, because the US supposedly supported a recent coup attempt against the current ruler, Mohammed Bin Salman. A fragmented and dysfunctional world now faces not only global pandemic but possible global economic collapse.

              There are reports that COVID-19 is not likely to be a natural mutation of the flu virus. Rather, it is more likely a result of genetic engineering from one of the world’s many biological warfare labs. These labs are BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs, designed to be especially secure. There are such labs in many countries, such as Winnipeg, Canada, several in the USA, Britain, Europe, Russia, and other countries, often run under the direction of the USA. There is speculation that the COVID-19 virus was stolen from Canada’s lab and transferred to the Wuhan lab.

According to Dr. Francis Boyle, who wrote the legislation for the US Congress for US participation in the UN Biological Weapons Convention, there are BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs in many countries and the only real reason for the existence of such labs is biological weapons research. There is no other reason why such labs need to exist. There is one such lab in Wuhan, China, and some speculate that the virus escaped from that lab, whether intentionally or by accident. On the other hand, the US had some 300 military personnel in Wuhan during October of 2019 for some World Military Games going on there. There is speculation that the virus may have been released by the US in order to undercut China’s ascendency toward becoming the world’s major economic power, with the fact that there was a BSL-4 lab in Wuhan serving as a convenient cover for this act of bio-warfare.

In any case, all these research labs violate the UN Convention and they are all, according to Dr. Boyle, extremely dangerous, disasters waiting to happen. And now we have a disaster that has happened. According to Boyle, the World Health Organization, now encouraging the world to respond properly to this global threat, has itself been colonized by big pharma, and they all know what has been going on. Indeed, the WHO approved many of these BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs. The WHO and big pharma also work in concert with the CDC, the Center for Disease Control in the US, so the US government also has a hand in this global corruption of bioengineering and bioweapons research. There are vast profits to be made for big pharma in the development of vaccines and medicines to treat such outbreaks.

              There is evidence as well that much of the bio-warfare research focuses on creating germ-agents that target certain ethnic groups, such as those of Chinese ethnicity, those of African ethnicity, or those of European descent. It all depends on who the sponsors of the research would like to see eliminated in their drive to power and ascendency. Dr. Anthony Hall, in the article linked to below, writes: “In this digital and biological theatre of rivalry, the new gene splicing capacities of CRISPR technology constitute a formidable new tool for major and irreversible interventions into life’s most fundamental cycles of death and renewal. The ability to alter the genetic makeup of organisms, including human organisms, is thereby becoming a key facet in establishing new domains for warfare, including various forms of hybrid warfare.” The world has descended into a maelstrom of power-hungry groups intent on using the new gene-splicing technology for their own evil purposes.

              As both Professor Hall and Professor Boyle point out, not only can we not believe what governments say about these issues, nor what the WHO or CDC or big pharma say about them. We also cannot trust what the colonized mainstream media report.  The media have been appropriated by the ruling powers to justify and cover up the entire structure of global corruption. For example, in the US a great many thoughtful, aware people understand the attacks on the US  on 11 September 2001 as an inside job from within the US establishment in order to promote the infamous “New American Century” doctrine put forward by a group of militaristic neo-conservatives. The Project for the New American Century document, that predated 9/11 was signed by these prominent neo-conservatives who later became part of the Bush administration during which this supposed “attack” took place. The document advocates biological warfare as one of the fields in which the US must remain supreme. After the 9/11 attack, a prepackaged bill was rushed through the US Congress called the “Patriot Act.” This bill eliminated many civil liberties of Americans, increased the power of government propaganda, and made the US effectively a police state.

              Since that time the CIA has ever-more effectively colonized journalists and news media to protect the government’s official ideological lies. Part of its strategy is to promote a counter-concept denigrating “conspiracy theories.”  Anyone who questions the official propaganda line put forward by the dominant media or government sources is accused of being a “conspiracy theorist.” In this way, real investigative journalism into their corruption and lies is marginalized and intimidated.  To suggest that COVID-19 was a bio-terror weapon possibly planted by the US military in Wuhan to destroy China’s competitive edge in global production and investment is to be immediately dismissed as an absurd “conspiracy theorist.”

Both Boyle and Hall call for independent investigations of the COVID-19 crisis. Indeed, investigators may eventually piece together what actually happened, but by the time this is done the world will have moved on, just as a great deal of evidence has been assembled about what really happened in the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US, but people have moved on, lost interest, and have refused to reopen the official version of those events. The world continues blindly down its erratic and incoherent path, waiting for the next big disaster.

              But after this current disaster, what will the world have “moved on” to?   What will it move on to after the global pandemic and global economic collapse of 2020?  Will it be more of the same?  More war preparations, more bio-terror research, more chance of accidents that create new pandemics?  Will we return to continuing collapse of the climate while the world spends its precious resources on war and militarism and weapons research?  Will we return to more government and mass-media lies and propaganda covering up a global culture of corruption and fragmentation? Isn’t it more than past time that the world begins to realize that we have no credible future at all unless we unite as a world community under democratic world law directed to the common good of everyone?

              The Constitution for the Federation of Earth is designed to create a decent world system.  It makes no sense to live on a planet in which most nations have signed a global bio-terror convention into international law but many of those same nations just ignore the convention and engage in bioweapons research. UN conventions have no binding authority and cannot give us a decent world system. The Constitution’s very first function in Article 1 is to put an end to war and preparations for war. In the midst of the present global pandemic, perhaps we can see why this needs to be the first function of the Earth Federation government.  With 21st century technology, war and war research become ever more lethal at a planetary scale. Major nuclear war would wipe out humanity. Major biological warfare could make our planet unlivable. Our global economic system of speculation, corruption, and graft continually teeters on the brink of collapse, throwing the entire world into economic chaos and ruin. Why do we continue to live with these absurdities when we could take the steps to actualize a truly different world system?

              Even if the COVID-19 virus were a naturally occurring viral mutation that became a pandemic, the governments of the world have proved totally incapable of responding to it effectively. Like the US and Iran, China began by denying the emergency and persecuting the doctor who raised the alarm. In the US, the Trump Administration has just declared that information about the virus has been classified as a national security issue. Rather than taking the steps necessary for testing, control, and saving lives, the government is controlling information for clearly political reasons. Something similar is likely going on with all sovereign governments in a world of distrust, manipulation, lies, and hybrid wars.  Why would we want to continue living in a world such as this when we could change it, if not immediately for ourselves at least for our children?

              The Earth Constitution was designed with an understanding that all our problems must be solved together as a whole or not at all.  We cannot deal with climate crisis and at the same time spend 1.8 trillion US dollars per year on militarism.  We cannot set up the universal health-care systems and research labs genuinely dedicated to human health and well-being while human rights around the world continue to be violated and global economic inequality continues unchecked. All our increasingly lethal human problems are interdependent and interrelated.  Why do we not recognize this simple truth?  The design of the Earth Constitution brings them all together with explicit powers to treat the global economic, political, environmental whole as a whole, which is the only possible level on which these apparently intractable problems can be addressed.

              The Constitution is designed to address a global health crisis (e.g., Article 4.10). It is designed to give everyone free, quality healthcare coverage (Article 13.5).  It is designed to eliminate war research, secrecy, and militarism (Articles 4.1 and 4.2).  It is designed to protect the planetary environment (many articles) and to guarantee each child “the right to the full realization of his or her potential” (Article 13.12).  The present global pandemic reveals how fragile and at risk our planet really is and how economics, politics, health, and environment are all deeply interdependent.  We see that the system as a whole must be changed.

              WCPA members should be promoting the idea in all possible venues that we need to emerge from this global health crisis and economic crisis with the determination to change the system that allows these absurdities to happen. We need to get rid of these bio-terror labs.  We need to get rid of nuclear weapons. We need to have a global economic system that does not collapse at the threat of a health crisis. We need to live under a civilized world of democratically legislated laws rather than global fragmentation, fear, animosity, and distrust. The Earth Constitution is the blueprint for a world of peace, justice, freedom, transparency, and sustainability.  What could we possibly be waiting for?

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