Pandemic Message 25 March 2020


Glen T. Martin

25 March 2020

Pandemic Message 25 March 2020 on Youtube:

Brothers and Sisters,

The COVID 19 pandemic has become an historic threat to the entire world.  Nuclear weapons and climate change were also such threats, but people managed to ignore them because they were not immediate and obvious.

The global coronavirus pandemic is immediate and obvious, and is affecting everyone on Earth, regardless of country, regardless or race or religion, regardless of wealth or poverty.

We are in a global emergency, a global economic and logistical collapse. Nations and health-care systems are in crisis.  Please self-isolate.  Please follow the best sanitation practices. Please avoid contact with others as much as possible.  By cooperating with emergency measures, we will likely be saving millions of lives and avoiding millions of needless deaths, including our own.

There is much speculation that the COVID-19 virus came out of some bioweapons research laboratory, perhaps in Canada, in the USA, or in China.  Whether or not this is true, it is certain that these horrific practices by many nation-states are developing weapons just like the COVID-19 virus.  This is a taste of what is in store for humanity in the future if we do not abolish the system that allows it to go on. Something similar is going on in other diabolical weapons laboratories.  They continue to develop the nuclear weapons systems that will someday wipe out humanity.

Can we use this global crisis as a means to a better, post-pandemic world?   Or, after the pandemic, one year from now, will we go back to the same insane world of rival sovereign militarized nations competing relentlessly with one another.  Will we go back to the same insane, out of control global economic system, struggling for wealth and power regardless of its impact on the poor or the ecosystem of our planet?

WCPA is reaching out to the Non-aligned Nations especially, but also to all humankind.  Do we want to return to poverty and marginalization in a global war system of exploitation and militarized dominance?  Do you want the bioweapons labs to continue to design ever more efficient global pandemic weapons of mass destruction? After we see how vulnerable the world is, how vulnerable we all are, and how our present world disorder has failed not only us but all future generations, do we want to continue with the madness?

In India, Swami Agnivesh has called for a new Arya Samaj, that is, a new moral and spiritual awakening to the fact that all human beings are one family, all brothers and sisters, and the implication of this truth for our future on this precious planet Earth. We all need to be part of this movement. We need a world based on this simple moral truth, we are one humanity and one civilization, and must establish the institutions to make this truth a living reality.  No more lies, corruption, ideologies, nationalisms, or fanaticisms.

If you are in a Non-Aligned Nation, or any poor and marginalized nation, speak to your government, to your leaders, and ask them to plan a constituent assembly one year from now that considers ratifying the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Your nation has been long marginalized and is now a victim of this corrupt world system. One year from now you need to have a founding convention centered on the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. We are all equals. The Constitution ensures your equality and protection.

We need to use this first-ever truly global threat to human civilization as a wake-up call for humanity.  One year from now, we need to establish a new world system based on equality dignity, peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability.   Only the Constitution for the Federation of Earth can make this happen.  Now is the time.  Let us study it, promote it, and use it as a concrete means to establish a truly human, morally grounded, sustainable and just world system.

Be safe, and be the change you want to see in the world.      May God bless us all.