WCPA Year End Report

December 2020

Glen T. Martin



Peace Pentagon

Dear WCPA friends and members,

It has been an eventful year indeed.  The COVID-19 virus, of course, has disrupted international travel for Phyllis and myself on behalf of WCPA. Nevertheless, we have used this time to promote the development of WCPA across multiple fields. 

As you know, WCPA and ^humanity encountered a great loss with the death this year of our dear friend and Distinguished Advisor, Swami Agnivesh. He was a great force behind promotion of the Earth Constitution and a beacon of hope for the oppressed. He was the founder of the Bonded Labor Liberation Front, a world leader for ending the scourge of bonded labor and he was the spiritual leader for innumerable people in India and abroad.  His great inspiration will remain with us.

First and foremost, I want to announce the project for holding the 15th Session of the Provisional World Parliament in New Delhi to begin on December 10, 2021.   (If the COVID-19 pandemic has not subsided, of course, this date can be postponed.)

This project has been inspired by the support of Col. Tejandra Pal Tyagi, President of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha (RSS), a large India organization and who has recently become a Distinguished Advisor to WCPA and is an adamant supporter of the Earth Constitution.

Col T.P. Tyagi

Col Tyagi has been working remotely with our Global Communications Coordinator, Prof. P. Narasimha Murthy, who lives in Bangalore, on activities promoting the Earth Constitution. I have asked Amit Paul, Global Secretary of WCPA, who lives in New Delhi, to work with Col. Tyagi on developing a local Secretariat, funding, and venue for the Parliament.

Second, earlier this year, WCPA combined with the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) in the United States.  The ECI (formerly the Institute on World Problems) is a tax-deductible non-profit registered in Virginia, while the founders of WCPA in Colorado never applied for WCPA to have this status.  For this reason, WCPA benefits as this helps with expenses that are complementary projects of both organizations.   WCPA functions as the activist arm, sponsoring for example, sessions of the Provisional World Parliament and the development of the Collegium of World Judges.

ECI, on the other is the educational and think tank arm.  Both branches have one and only one goal: educating the people of Earth about ratification and implementation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Third, we have combined several websites into one central ECI/WCPA site:  www.earthconstitution.world.  The site is still under development but nevertheless active and powerfully built with great work headed up by Eric Stetson.

Fourth, ECI/WCPA are also linked to the Oracle Institute in Independence, Virginia, where the Peace Pentagon is being built.  The Peace Pentagon is pictured at the head of this report.  The outside is finished but the inside remains to be completed.  Once completed, WCPA will have an office there.  In the photo below, at the Oracle Institute Peace Pole there are four WCPA leaders.  Laura George (second from left) Founder and Director of the Oracle Institute and Board member of ECI and WCPA, Guruji Arun Kumar (fourth from left), Distinguished Advisor to WCPA, myself (next to the Peace Pole) and Dr. Eugenia Almand (on the right of the Peace Pole).

Groups at Oracle Institute linking arms behind the peace pole.

Fifth, we expect to have a staffed and functioning office in the Peace Pentagon within the coming year. WCPA has always had functioning offices abroad, for example, the WCPA Chapter in Chennai, India has maintained an office for decades (photo).  With our rapid expansion, we now need a dedicated office in the US as well.

Banner at the entrance to the WCPA World Peace Center in Chennai, India, run by Professor R. Ananthanarayanan, a Vice-President of WCPA Global.  The photo at the top of the banner is of Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe, international lawyer from Sri Lanka, one of the great founders and leaders of our movement for many years and one of the five primary authors of the Earth Constitution.

Sixth, our work in Latin America has been greatly enhanced by the work of Our Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Leopoldo Cook Antonorsi, in Venezuela. Leopoldo has long been an organizer, civic leader and journalist.

Leopoldo Cook Antonorsi

He has created a website in Spanish and has extended WCPA contacts in many of the countries of Latin America. As VP he is regularly in touch with members in Peru, Columbia, and other places in Latin America.  He a Board member of both WCPA and ECI.

Seventh, Lucio Martins Rodriquez has recently joined the Board of ECI. He brings with him experience as an entrepreneur. He has submitted his grand project called “Orbis” to the Board. We are excited to move this ahead.  In this project WCPA/ECI will be developing secure, on-line voting and facilitating the defining of the 1000 Electoral Districts worldwide as required by the Constitution for the House of Peoples. The immediate result will be a Virtual World Parliament meeting under the authority of the Earth Constitution.

Lucio Martins Rodriquez

The India WCPA Power House:

 Our greatest successes have been the amazing growth of WCPA within India and the promotion of the Earth Constitution by civic leaders in many Indian cities.  It would be impossible to list all of them in this report but I want to point out four of these exceptional leaders who work on behalf of WCPA and the Earth Constitution. As in any organization, our greatest resource is our people, and WCPA has long been very wealthy in the quality of the people who have been our mainstay.

Amit Paul.  Amit Paul is a Vice-President of WCPA Global and Secretary for the International Board of Trustees of WCPA. He has been active with WCPA for the past 17 years.  He has put himself through law school in New Delhi and has long used his skills in law to help the downtrodden with their legal problems. He opens his home in New Delhi as a place to stay for WCPA members travelling through that city. Amitji has travelled to many places in India to represent WCPA, for example, repeatedly to Lucknow for conferences of Chief Justices of the World and to Kolkata for Grand Global Peace Meet conferences.  He has established a book stall for WCPA at the grand Asia Book Fair that takes place annually in Delhi and has met with innumerable people in that city on behalf of the Earth Constitution.  He also staffed the WCPA office within the compound of Swami Agnivesh from 2016 to 2020.

Amit Paul

Dr. Hemlata Talesra. Professor Dr. Talesra, from Udaipur, India, is a well-known educationist, researcher, teacher, and administrator. She has won a number of awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from CCEAM, where she is also a Board Member and head of the India Division.   Dr. Talesra has promoted WCPA work and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth strongly for many years.  In 2019 she received the WCPA Global Peace Leadership Award. She organizes educators throughout India through her leadership and promotes the Earth Constitution within that context.

Dr. Hemlata Talesra

Dr. Ushoshi Guha. Dr. Guha is a Managing Partner in a law firm in Nagpur where she specializes in Intellectual Property Rights. She is also Principal of Ravi College of Law, where she has introduced hundreds of students to the concept of world law under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  In December of last year, Dr. Guha organized a great program for Phyllis and myself when we visited Nagpur in which we were able to speak about the Earth Constitution to large audiences of law students and faculty.

Dr. Ushoshi Guha on the right with WCPA Treasurer, Phyllis Turk

Prof. P. Narasimha Murthy. The final leader in India that I want to mention in this report is P. Narasimha Murthy, who prefers to be known simply as “Murthy.” Murthy is proving that his position as “Global Communications Coordinator” for WCPA is aptly named. For several years he has worked tirelessly for WCPA through videos, phone calls, electronic media, and as custodian of the www.wcpaindia.info website.  With WCPA now legally registered in India, as Managing Trustee of that Trust he has opened a bank account to foster WCPA work in India.  He has organized many Zoom meetings and brought people together both within and beyond India, thinking of, and empowering, a multiplicity of projects from the World Parliament University to a WCPA Global Youth Forum to health care and sustainability initiatives to collaborating in UN reform on behalf of the Earth Constitution.

P. Narasimha Murthy

As mentioned before these four WCPA leaders, deserve our gratitude and admiration for their dedication to promoting the Earth Constitution. They are among many prominent leaders working in a variety of ways on behalf of the Constitution and the future of humanity.  New Chapters are opening regularly, as for example, the Chapter at Shrirampur, the opening of which we attended last year,  just held an impressive first anniversary event this year.

I want to close this report with a photo of the entrance to a space owned by a group in Bangalore where Murthy and E.P. Menon brought us to interact and speak while we were in that city. For Phyllis and I, their sign hits the nail right on the head.

The same wisdom applies to WCPA and ECI.  Whether young or old: “Join us and get enriched.”

Blessings to all the WCPA family.   This holiday season, let us all celebrate the Constitution for the Federation of Earth!

In peace,

Dr. Glen T. Martin