World Legislative Act 12

World Government Starts with more than 70% of the Earth Surface Included.

Short Title: Manifesto [of 1996 &2000]


World federal government is already at least 48 years late, since it should have been established at the end of the Second World War instead of the disappointing United Nations Organization;
Because of this delay, an arms race nuclear of multi-trillions of dollars followed, having as a result the extreme insecurity for all the inhabitants of the Earth, and the radioactive poisoning of the environment for thousands of years, where as the hundreds of wars have raged and dozens of those continue at this moment;
In spite of the behavior of the United Nations, almost all the various nations, large and small, new and old continued to be armed with last technology for war and destruction, while stealing from all the people of all the countries of many of trillions dollars and vast resources which could be employed differently to serve the peaceful human needs, Meanwhile, guns and violence burst everywhere.
The environmental destruction and the degeneration has taken place almost everywhere on the Earth, at sea, and the atmospheric deterioration– seriously threaten the food provisioning of the Earth — and rampage through all the continents because no agency of overall jurisdiction has been able to decide;
In particular, the climate changes with catastrophic consequences started, because of multiple uncontrolled factors, including: the continued burning of fossil fuels which adds daily to the change of carbon dioxide climate in the sky; destruction of the tropical forests and the phytoplankton in the oceans, which are together the principal lungs of the Earth and necessary means for the survival of the people of all the continents; as well as the universal exhaustion of the fertility of the Earth.
Meanwhile, the majority of the people of the Earth is condemned to live in poverty, with the squalor and the diseases spreading themselves because of the reigning overall economy organized to maximize the private benefit, where the disparity of the incomes becomes increasingly larger between the minority of the rich people and the large majority of people deprived in the majority of the countries of the Earth.
Instead of using the occasions for expansion for happiness, life on Earth for the majority of the people is charged with multiple and simultaneous problems and with too many crises to enumerate here, continuing to accumulate and worsen without arriving at good solutions;

In this context, because of the continuous lack of direction for human civilization on Earth, the thousands of movements of protest and the hundreds of proposals to cure the situation multiplied during years, having for result great confusion on the subject of what must be done.


We believe that time has come for decisive action to cut through the confusion that blocks seeing the positive direction to take, that the common affairs of the inhabitants of the Earth are under responsible and democratic orders for the mutual and equitable advantage of everyone: This requires the worldwide democratic federal government.
For this purpose, an Earth Constitution was already prepared by delegates of all the continents, functioning in four meetings of a World Constituent Assembly from 1968 to 1991. The Earth Constitution is ready for the immediate ratification and implementation, to replace the excessively defective Charter of the United Nations which does not represent the people and has very limited capacities to solve or attenuate any problem.

Consequently, to initiate the worldwide federal government under the Earth Constitution, we who are delegates of the nongovernmental organizations, countries and governments national and Parliaments, meeting together in the fourth meeting of provisional Worldwide Parliament, organized under the terms of Article 19 of the Earth Constitution, by this proclaim and take the following measures:

1. By this MANIFESTO, acting on behalf of all the inhabitants of the Earth, we hereby take the possession of all the oceans and sea-beds of the Earth from 20 kilometers into the sea from all the shores of Earth and including from existing island territories of the nation-states, by this fact comprising at least 70 percent of the Earth surface for the beginning of the world government, but reserving the first 200 miles to sea from shore for the priority rights of fisheries of the contiguous countries.
We also take possession on behalf of all the inhabitants of the Earth of the territory of the southernmost polar zone called the Antarctic, as well as all other territories and islands which are not already claimed as the identified property of the nations; and as well as all the space above the oceans and the Antarctic, and all the stratospheric space of the Earth above the nations and the oceans, and as well as the moon.
We take this measure in accordance with Article XVI, section A, of the Earth Constitution, which defines the worldwide territory; and supplement with the implementation of the World Legislative Act Number Three for the ownership and the management of the oceans and the marine resources, adopted on September 12, 1982, by the first meeting of provisional World Parliament, which has the priority on all later contradictory claims to the oceans and marine resources

2. To invite and encourage all nations and national governments to accept the extension of sovereignty to delegate the management of the oceans and marine resources as common heritage of humanity, and to appreciate all advantages to carry out World Federation and world government in the way provided for by the Earth Constitution, to quickly join the World Federation by ratification of the Earth Constitution, thus to join together under a federal world government which starts immediately with more than 70 percent of the Earth surface.
Each nation which joins can immediately choose a delegate or delegates with the House of the Nations of World Parliament, and will ensure of the elections by the People in the House of People of World Parliament, in the manner provided for according to the Earth Constitution. The two Chambers will be assembled first in regular meeting of World Parliament for the world government as soon as 25 nations ratify the Earth Constitution, as well as a duly constituted House of Counsellors.
Until 25 nations ratified, the delegates of this fourth meeting of provisional World Parliament will implement a provisional World Government, and will begin the management of the oceans expeditiously and of any other World Territory and sea-bed asserted by this Manifesto.

3. As the first action of administration, in order to help to remove from Earth any nuclear weapon, and any weapon of mass destruction, in which a peaceful world society to serve human needs can develop; the provisional World Parliament prohibits transport by ocean or through the airs and space above the ocean or through stratosphere above the national airspace, any nuclear weapon and component, any weapon of mass destruction, any biological weapon, , any means used for delivery and transport of unlawful weapons, and transport of any soldier or sailor for use, order, execution, installation and maintenance of unlawful weapons, unlawful ammunition, unlawful provisioning, and unlawful means of delivery and transport.
Any violations by prohibited movements or transport are unlawful (Class 1 felony). (Directing or commanding transport violation is unlawful (Class 2 felony). Penalties will be enforced against the sellers, the shippers and the conveyors. The non-payment of the penalties after eighty days will also have as consequence the cancellation of the equal value of the claimed debts due to violating countries in the process of development that may join the World Federation and ratify the Earth Constitution.

4. The second administrative action, in order to ensure the credit sufficient for development, the industrial and commercial companies, social public services, and the maintenance of the overall communal grounds, including projects and efforts public and private, we immediately launch world legislative act eleven (as amended) for an Earth Financial Credit Corporation, pledging all the wealth of the oceans and sea-beds by World Legislative Act # 11.
Revolving lines of Credit will be extended to each country or nation ratifying the Earth Constitution, on the basis of not less than &50,000,000 units (about 1987 U.S. $1 billion) for each million population. Credit limits by World Legislative Act # 11, in Earth credits or Earth currency, become immediately available by the ratification. Credit lines are available to use immediately for any domestic goal, and to be able to use in the world trade everywhere where the new Earth credit system will be accepted. There is no condition or principal required for capitalization. The public sector has full access to credit for all the wished goals, and to the full employment guaranteed for all. The credit defined in this section by proclamation must never be used for military goals, nor for nuclear plants and nuclear energy production nor the burning of fossil fuel. Independently of the immediate and long-term advantages to ensure the sufficient credit so that all the peaceful efforts ensure human needs, and support the full employment and of good standards of life for everyone, while protecting the environment; an immediate goal of this section of the Manifesto is to release all the countries and people of the Earth from financial limitations, forced restructurings, and regulations of financial austerity imposed by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other sources; as well as to release nations and people from fear of losing current financial sources if they join the World Federation.

5. Under the terms of a third administrative action, we hereby launch the World Legislative Act Number Six (as amended) for the Emergency Earth Rescue Administration, to face the overall crisis of the climate, and at the same time to solve or help to solve the dozen other ecological problems.
When the World Law #6 was adopted with the second session of provisional World Parliament in 1985, the crisis of climate was interpreted by some in an un-empirical way, and it was recorded as “ the average overall heating “ likely to melt the icecaps and for the sea level to rise over a hundred years or more. The true nature of the climatic crisis is analyzed not by averages but like differential greenhouse effect, with the rising temperatures of the lower latitudes and lower temperatures in higher latitudes, which had with the transport of the evaporated moisture of the oceans and Earth of heating to the lower latitudes, and brought to the higher latitudes where condensed moisture, in the form the cover of cloud, then growth in precipitations of rain and snow. This is what really occurs.
The revelations of recent studies of the ice cores of Greenland and other sites, showing the time and the changes of temperature on more than 200.000 years, are the obvious conclusion of the sudden and extreme climatic changes at the time when one interglacial period finishes and an ice age starts. This fact comprises the defining thesis of World Legislative Act # 6.
To prevent any sudden and catastrophic climate change which can be considered the end of the current interglacial period that has already lasted approximately 11.000 years, during recorded human civilization, the World Legislative Act #6 stipulates a series of measures urgently conceived to reverse the climate change due to the quantity of carbon dioxide in atmosphere, like many other measures which for one to support and continue the condition of the friendly climate of the interglacial period current, and to prevent the fast inception of another long ice age. Unless the process of change of climate, already in progress, is quickly reversed, the agricultural production above the Earth can become thus disturbed. The capacity of the Earth to bear humans can be greatly reduced and with the consequence of famine of hundreds of million people (or even several billion) in very little time, with consequent regression of modern civilization towards chaos.
Because of the enormity of the climate crisis, of overall range which threatens the lives and the wellbeing of each one on the planet, one requires an overall coordinated rescue campaign which will require a trillion dollars, or more, per year during the 50 years to come, employing all the personnel available. We speak urgently in favor of the national governments of all the countries to immediately join the World Federation by ratifying the Earth Constitution, so that World Legislative Act # 6, and any additional overall legislation necessary, can be quickly and entirely implemented.

6. By the fourth administrative action, we do what should have been done at the first meeting provisional World Parliament in 1982: As delegated to this fourth session of provisional World Parliament, we establish a permanent Parliamentary Committee on Disarmament, as indicated in the World Law Number One, and we begin the process to appoint 50 administrators at the agency of worldwide disarmament, defined by the provisional Worldwide Cabinet defined in the item 8., of this Manifesto.
The World Disarmament Agency will proceed as quickly as possible to establish the full institutional projects for the quick implementation of the World Legislative Act Number One (as amended), including: provision to place the weapons of mass destruction of all the ratifying countries under the monitoring of the world disarmament agency to carry out the fast and universal immobilization (dismantling and elimination, or conversion to peaceful uses where feasible); in particular, to establish the procedures and the means for the overall monitoring of dismantling and the complete and prompt elimination of all the nuclear weapons of all the nations, the scientific use and the material and the personnel being already prepared for this work; monitoring of all transport of the unlawful weapons, the unlawful ammunition, and the provisioning and the personnel soldiers, etc, as defined and prohibited according to the first administrative act of this Manifesto.

7. As delegated to the fourth session of provisional World Parliament, as a fifth administrative action, we issue the World Legislation for a complete overall Energy Administration. Priorities of the overall management of energy, related also to the work of the Emergency Earth Rescue Administration, (included a division for the World Hydrogen Energy System Authority defined by the Worldwide Law Legislative # 10), will be:
7.1. To eliminate as quickly as possible the burning of fossil fuels for energy, and to stop all the nuclear energy plants as quickly as possible;
7.2. To launch and carry out a program of billions of units of credit for the research, the development and construction, to substitute fossil fuels and nuclear energy by solar energy, hydrogen power, magnetic power, and other sure sources of energy in the environment for;
7.3. To build a super grid of electric power connecting the majority of the parts of the Earth for effective provisioning of electricity inexpensively, as envisaged by Buckminster Fuller, but with safety measures to protect the people against the possible harmful effects of radiation, for example, by the transmission of electricity in conduits to prevent external radiation or adverse ionization of the atmosphere.
7.4. To quickly eliminate all the oil wells in sea.

8. As a sixth administrative action under this Manifesto, we establish a standing provisional Worldwide Cabinet, to serve three years terms until replacement after 25 countries have ratified the Earth Constitution, in accordance with article 19 of the Earth Constitution. One proposes ministers, ministries, services and agencies for the initial election and the selection, with other implementations as soon as possible:

Oceans and Sea-beds
Overall Food Supplies
Worldwide Energy Supplies
the World Administration
World Disarmament Agency
Earth Rescue Administration
World Financial Administration
World Water Supplies
World Ombudsmus for the Human Rights
Atmosphere, Space and the Moon
Ratification and Elections
World Territories and Federal Zones
And other agencies of the Integrative Complex.

9. As a seventh administrative action under this Manifesto, we hereby create a permanent Presidium for provisional World Parliament, and the provisional world government, to serve three year terms, and to be operated under the provisions of the Earth Constitution until replacement after 25 countries ratified the Earth Constitution, and as defined under the section D of article XIX of the Earth Constitution.

10. To carry out the provisions of administration within the limits of this Manifesto, and to initiate the functions of the provisional World Government, in accordance with article XV of the Earth Constitution, we direct the Presidium to outline the first five worldwide federal zones in at least five continental areas of the Earth.

* * * * * * * * * *

Decreed by the provisional World Parliament convened at Barcelona, Spain, 1996. Adopted as world statutory code, World Legislative Act Number 12 by the fifth session of the provisional World Parliament, convened in conformance with Article 19 of the Earth Constitution, at Qawra, Malta, in November 2000. Formatting amendments were adopted at the eighth (2004) session of the Parliament.

Attested: Philip Isely, Secretary (2nd & 4rth sessions)
Provisional World Parliament

Eugenia Almand, JD, Secretary
Provisional World Parliament