World Legislative Act 25

Standards of Conservation for

Earth Federation Records

Short title: Records Conservation

Whereas the records of the history and development of provisional world government and world government are an invaluable testimony to the work done by hundreds and even thousands of concerned world citizens;

Whereas the members of the provisional World Parliament understand that self government with a world constitution is rather than merely a symbolic act, a true act of government, and that the provisional World Parliament is itself an act of government;

Whereas Members of the provisional World Parliament determine that the historical records of emergent world government are the common heritage of humanity, rather than the property of any person;

This sixth session of the provisional World Parliament hereby creates a set of standards of care for the records of the provisional World Government.

1. World Government Records include rare books on world government, correspondence regarding world government, court filings, financial records, records of the World Constituent Assemblies, provisional World Parliaments, original data of participants and observers. Records may be on paper, film, or any kind of electronic media.

2. A stewarding agency is an agency that maintains active or archival records of the provisional World Government and World Government. Stewarding agencies may be public or private, but must meet the standards established by this Act.

3. If standards are met, original copies of World Government records shall remain in the stewardship of the agencies that initially were the stewards for the particular records. Officials or agencies of the Earth Federation may require copies of the original documents, but the requisitioning agency must provide payment at cost for the copies. The Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems will determine the cost until the World Financial Administration is functioning.

4. Members and agencies of the Earth Federation may view original documents on demand, but may not remove world government records if the stewarding agency is operating in accordance with this world legislation.

5. Members of the public may view original world government records when the stewarding agency or world court has ascertained that the public member affirms support for the Earth Constitution and that the public member has legitimate interest in viewing the public record.

6. Original world government records are for viewing only within the stewarding agency facilities and are not for check out. Removing records from secured stewarding agency facilities contrary to this Act is unauthorized misappropriation, theft or transfer of world federal property – Class 3 felony

7. The stewarding agency shall house records in a building composed primarily of a non-flammable material, such as brick or other masonry. The location of the building must be such that the records are not likely to be subject to flood.

8. The stewarding agency shall keep records in fireproof filing cabinets if records can be organized to fit therein without additional folding.

9. The stewarding agency shall monitor and maintain humidity and lighting conditions for best preservation.

10. The stewarding agency shall keep the records securely, using locking systems and security personnel, either in-house or contracted privately.

11. The stewarding agency shall preserve each record. If a particular record seems to be of no use, the stewarding agency may notify the Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems. The stewarding agency may not destroy any record, nor part of any record, unless the Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems determines that the record is not a valuable testimony.

11.1 Unauthorized intentional destruction of a world government record is unlawful (class 4 felony).

11.2 Unintentional destruction of world government records is unlawful (class 2 misdemeanour).

11.3. The stewarding agency may curate the records, but not alter nor obscure the informational content of the records. The World Court may judge the altering or obscuring of world government records to be unintentional or unauthorized intentional destruction.

12. In paper correspondence, the stewarding agency shall retain envelopes in the same file as correspondence, and shall not separate the stamps or postmarks from the envelopes.

13. For new records of the secretariat of the provisional World Parliament, World Parliament, World Constituent Assembly or Founding Ratification Convention, the secretariats are directed to use acid-free paper, and to record video and audio proceedings.

14. If the record is an electronic media, the stewarding agency shall make electronic back-ups. The stewarding agency shall protect electronic records from magnetic and viral damage.

15. The stewarding agencies may request financial assistance from the provisional World Parliament or World Government for meeting the standard of care for world government records. However, the responsibility to comply with the standards remains with the stewarding agencies.

16. The Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems may enforce this act directly. The Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems may make spot inspections of stewarding agency facilities. If a stewarding agency is found in non-compliance, the Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems may seek further enforcement through the World Courts and the World Enforcement System.

17. The order of enforcement toward particular stewarding agencies is at the discretion of the Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems, and subject to the provisional World Parliament and World Parliament.

18. The Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems must meet the standards for preservation of records, if a stewarding agency assigns or forfeits stewardship.

19. If the Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems or other Earth Federation agency finds a stewarding agency in non-compliance, the Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems may give the stewarding agency 30 days to comply.

20. The Office of World Attorneys General may issue search and seizure warrants if the Office determines that a stewarding agency is in non-compliance. If after inspection, the stewarding agency does not demonstrate compliance within a 30-day period, the Office of World Attorneys General may bring charges. In cases where wilful neglect is suspected, the World Attorneys General may bring charges immediately.

21. Due to the critical importance of this Act, this world legislation is effective immediately.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Records Act was adopted as World Legislative Act Number 25, at the seventh session of the provisional World Parliament, meeting December 2003, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, convened in conformance with Article 19 of the Earth Constitution.

Attested : Eugenia Almand, JD, Secretary
Provisional World Parliament