World Legislative Act 38

Act for Public Utilities

Short title: Public Utilities

Whereas, the success of the movement to establish Federal Earth Federation in conformance with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and to implement the world legislative measures enacted by the provisional World Parliament depends on adequate financing;

Whereas, the countries and peoples of the world must be freed quickly from the disruptions to their economies and livelihoods that come by repeated diseases such as malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis and similar diseases;

Whereas, there is an urgent necessity to obtain recognition, judgment and ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth through annual Chief Justice Conferences;

Whereas, there is also an urgent necessity to educate young people through the Children’s World Parliaments;

It is necessary to establish budgets for allocation:
1. World Court Children’s Education Fund
2. World Chief Justice Conference Fund
3. Children’s World Parliament Fund
4. Diseases Fund
5. Provisional World Parliament Fund

Therefore, the People of Earth, as represented by the provisional World Parliament, hereby enact the creation of an annual public utilities fund of &2,352,000 .

[WebNote: Here, the ampersand “&” is a legal alternative symbol for the Earth Hour unit of Earth credit and currency, as per decision at 10th session of provisional World Parliament, June 2007, Kara, Togo, since the Earth sign is not an available symbol on many computers.]

1. The funds are as follows:
1.1. 1. A World Court Children’s Education Fund, to fund a program to educate children worldwide about the World Court System in conformance with the Earth Constitution. 1.1.2. A World Court General Adult Education Fund, to educate the general public worldwide about the World Court System in conformance with the Earth Constitution. [added June 2007, 10th session.]
1.2. An International Chief Justice Fund to finance annual sessions of the International Chief Justice Conference to meet on an annual basis.
1.3. A World Children’s Parliament Fund, to finance an annual World Children’s Parliament.
1.4. A Diseases fund, to help prevent, ameliorate, and end as much as possible malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis and similar diseases.
1.5. Provisional World Parliament Fund, for running operations of the provisional World Parliament

2. In addition to the annual general budget of the provisional Earth Federation, annual allocation for the funds for the items for the next five years are as follows:
2.1. World Court Children’s Education Fund &168,000 . 2.1.2. World Court General Adult Education Fund &168,000 [added June 2007, 10th session.]
2.2. World Chief Justice Conference Fund &168,000
2.3. Children’s World Parliament Fund &168,000
2.4. Diseases Fund &1,680,000 (10x other funds)
2.5. Provisional World Parliament Fund &168,000.

Because of the difficult and emergency nature of the funding, the decision of the provisional World Parliament is that during the provisional stage of Earth Federation, monies not utilized during any particular year accumulate in the particular fund for use in subsequent years, and remain in the particular fund until used or until one year after the date of commencement of the first operative stage of Earth Federation, whichever comes first. [added June 2007, 10th session.]

* * * * * * * * * *

Adopted as World Legislative Act #38, April 2006, at ninth session of the provisional World Parliament, convening at Tripoli, Libya, in conformance with Article 19 of the Earth Constitution. Amended at tenth session of provisional World Parliament, convened at Kara, Togo, West Africa, in June 2007.

Attested : Eugenia Almand, JD, Secretary
Provisional World Parliament

May this Act reflect That Which Is
the Sovereign Will of the People of Earth!