World Legislative Act 41

Adopted by 10th session of provisional World Parliament, convened in Kara, Togo, West Africa, June 2007

Posting the Earth Federation Stock Law

Short title: Posting

To better inform the financial world about world legislation;
To enable the financial world to comply;
To better enable enforcement of world legislation related to brokerage and trading of financial instruments;

This 10th session of the provisional World Parliament adopts this Act to require the public posting of world law regarding brokerage and trade of illegal financial instruments.

1. General Procedure and Content of Primary Postings
1.1. The Enforcement System shall assign officers to post the relevant provisions of world law pertaining to investment, trade and finance of illegal financial instruments on the doors, or near the doors of stock exchange markets and bureaus worldwide.
1. 2. The Enforcement System shall send or deliver postings for the respective stock exchange to post interior the exchange, with instructions for posting.
1.3. The posting must be of high quality, stamped, and sealed with emblem of the Earth Federation. The posting may be laminated with a clear material.
1.4. The posting will include the felony classifications for the offenses, together with brief description of the significance of the classifications (five years’ imprisonment, etc.).
1.5. The posting shall include provision of penalty classification and significance for defacing, vandalizing, obstructing or unauthorized removal of the postings, both interior and exterior. (Interior or exterior postings, defacing, obstructing or unauthorized removal – class 3 felony.) In the case of accidental or intentional defacing or removal, the Exchange shall immediately notify the Enforcement System.

2. Encouragement for international cooperation.
2.1. The Enforcement System may coordinate and negotiate within world law with exchange houses, exchange commissions, Interpol and with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to additionally affix with permission the respective agency seals, but the Enforcement System is not required to do so, and will refrain from affixing sub-federational seals if permission is not obtained, though a duly authorized World Court seal may be placed as well from any Court of the provisional Earth Federation. 2.2. The Earth Federation Funding Corporation may negotiate to issue Indemnity Bonds to sealing agencies to pay reasonable costs associated with justifying and issuing the respective seals.

2.3. If either Interpol or the International Criminal Court fail to permit the use of their respective seals within 120 days of the adoption of this Act, the Enforcement System, the World Court System, the World Ombudsmus, or persons may initiate litigation within the World Court System, including the Permanent Court of Arbitration, to seek World Court Order for the use of the respective seals. If the PCA does not order the use of the seals, the case may go to a higher court in the system.

3. Exterior and interior posting responsibility
3.01. Only Enforcement System officers may replace or adjust the location of exterior postings.
3.02. Ordinarily, only the persons authorized by the Stock Exchange, with also written authorization from the Enforcement System may replace or adjust interior postings.
3.03. As stock exchanges are a place of public exchange, Enforcement Officers may without warrant enter the premises of stock exchanges to ensure compliance with the law, to examine the placement of interior postings during operational hours.
3.04. Enforcement Officers may recommend replacement or adjustment to the location of the interior postings.
3.05. Enforcement officers may deliver written orders, sealed or stamped by the Enforcement System, for the adjustment of the placement of interior postings, but must allow at least 48 hours for adjustment compliance.
3.06. Compliance timing and Non-compliance
The Enforcement System may send or deliver copies of the postings directly to the stock exchange markets for the stock exchanges to post within at a location where stock exchange workers will likely see the posting.
3.07. If the Enforcement System sends or delivers these copies, then the stock exchange is required to post within 48 hours of receipt of posting, at a place where stock exchange workers will see the postings.
3.08. If an Exchange fails after 48 hours of receipt to comply with interior posting orders, the Enforcement System may fine the Exchange at the rate of &100,000 per day. [Note: “&” refers to the Earth Hour unit of credit and currency.]
3.09. If an Exchange fails to comply over 96 hours, the Enforcement System may forego the ordinary statutory provision for Exchange Placement, and officers may both designate make and maintain placement, until the Exchange assumes or resumes responsibility.
3.10. Accrual of fine stops immediately upon Enforcement System receipt of written affirmation to comply from the Stock Exchange, together with actual compliance.

4. Corporations being investigated, under indictment or convicted of violation.
Separately from the posting of the law, the Enforcement System may post on or at the door of stock exchange markets and bureaus worldwide, lists of names of corporations that are under investigation, under indictment, or convicted of violation of the world law. The Enforcement System may order interior postings.

5. Locational Restrictions. Postings must not obstruct any of the following normal fixtures:
fire hydrants; electrical outlets; utility meters; safety signs; lamps; air vents; sidewalk-level basement utility doors or utility covers; or normal displays, such as office directories.
The posting must not obstruct safety signs, the name of the building, building logo or address, unless safety sign, building name, logo or address are merely decals on the door, in which case posting may proceed and Enforcement System may enter negotiation for compensatory placement of a safety sign, building name, logo or address in some other location.

6. Identification papers
Officers of the Enforcement System shall carry valid identification papers issued by the Enforcement System while on duty and while in the premises of any Stock Exchange.

7. Restricted access areas and requirements of warrant or invitation. Enforcement officers may not enter offices that are not a customary place for the stock exchange workers to gather, unless either warranted or invited to do so by a person authorized by the Stock Exchange to enter the area (trespass, class 1 misdemeanor). For instance, the Enforcement officer may enter the cafeterias, hallways, bathrooms and stock exchange floors without warrant during normal business hours. However, without a warrant to do so, the Enforcement officer must not enter private offices where public calling is not taking place without permission from the person assigned to the respective office, nor enter or remain after hours while the Exchange is closed and empty of employees (trespass, class 1 misdemeanor) Any employee or contractee of the Stock Exchange with usual access to an office may extend a spoken or written invitation.

8. Surveillance in Public
As the Stock Markets of the world are places for public trading, where there is overwhelming evidence of world felony violations with hundreds of millions or billions of Earth units of credits’ value of felonious illegal trading on a daily basis, endangering the life of the entire Earth, Enforcement System officers have authorization to make unwarranted video, audio or digital record, openly or undercover, outside any entrance or within the premises of any stock exchange worldwide, regardless of whether or not the respective stock market is situated within any established World Federal District or Zone, and regardless of whether or not the host nation to the respective stock exchange has preliminarily or finally ratified the Earth Constitution. Video, audio or digital records at Stock Exchanges do not require any warrant, unless the recording requires entering an office or location without invitation that is not ordinarily open to the traders and general workers of the particular stock exchange. Furthermore, on warrant, there is presumption that Earth Federation officers may make open or undercover audio, video or digital recordings.

9. Language of the posting
The legal posting will be made in at least the customary working language of the floor of the particular stock exchange, as well as in Esperanto. The posting may include additional languages as determined by the Enforcement System. Languages other than customary working language may have reduced size type.

10. Municipal or subsidiarial cooperation
The Enforcement System may seek and receive municipal or other subsidiarial cooperation in the postings and in the enforcement of the postings. However, seeking municipal or subsidiarial cooperation is not a requirement. Municipal officers or other subjurisdictional officers shall refrain from interfering in the work of the Enforcement System officers. (interference against world federal officers – class 3 felony.)

11. Entry into Force
As this Act simply further specifies an enforcement action for world law already in force, and since the implementation of this Act may save millions or billions of lives, this Act becomes effective immediately upon adoption by the provisional World Parliament.

* * * * * * * * * *

Posting the Earth Federation Stock Law was adopted as world legislative Act #41 by 10th session of provisional World Parliament, meeting in Kara, Togo, West Africa, June 2007, convened in conformance with Article 19 of the Earth Constitution.

Attested: Eugenia Almand, JD, Secretary

Provisional World Parliament

May this Act reflect That Which Is
the Sovereign Will of the People of Earth!