World Legislative Act 58

Prohibition on Production, Distribution or Release of Neonictinoid
Short titles: “Neonictinoids” and “Neonictinoid Ban”

As neonictinoid chemical compounds have been linked with the extremely rapid general demise of insect pollinators worldwide, particularly of the genus apis;
As insect pollinators can be shown to support nearly all flowering plants upon which most mammalian life depends;
As the loss of a single generation of pollinators causes the loss of the same generation of dependent populations within that time frame of the first loss; and as also as the human species is dependent upon apis;

This thirteenth session of the Provisional World Parliament adopts this act to ban neonictinoids.

  1. Neonictinoid release is prohibited, effective immediately. This includes release into sealed locations of growth, such as greenhouses, artificial light gardens, as well as into the general environment. Intentional release is a class 7 world felony.
  2. Neonictinoid production is prohibited, effective immediately. Intentional production is a class 7 world felony.
  3. In penal terms, neonictinoid compounds classify as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Other activities regarding neonictinoids classify the same as activities regarding WMDs and WMD conveyances as listed in the world penal code and world legislative acts 1 and 13. The Agency for Technical and Environmental Assessment shall compile a list of other chemical compounds which logically would classify as WMDs, together with descriptions of why, and submit the list to the Presidium, Agency for Research and Planning and the World Parliament.
  4. Companies that have manufactured, distributed or applied neonictinoids shall report material inventories and entire distribution and application record available of neonictinoids to the Agency for Technical and Environmental Assessment within 3 months of the adoption of this act by the Provisional World Parliament (House of Counsellors). Companies shall report any changes in inventories while the neonictinoid decomposition is being prepared and implemented. The Agency for Technical and Environmental Assessment may assess fines for failure to meet the schedules for reporting, and may refer cases to enforcement system. Penalties for intentional and inadvertent record destruction are same as for government records in the world penal code.
  5. Companies shall keep neonictinoids safely sequestered from accidental release. Companies shall immediately report incapacity to secure neonictinoids to the Emergency Earth Rescue Administration Office of the Remedies and Corrections Department.
  6. The World Court System is authorized to issue warrants for search and seizure of Neonictinoid material. The Enforcement System is authorized to serve warrants for searches and seizures. The Enforcement System shall comply with safety guidelines provided by agencies of the Integrative Complex and Ministry of Environment.
  7. The Agency for Research and Planning, together with the Agency for Technological and Environmental Assessment shall work together with the Ministry of Environment to plan safe sequestration and timely safe decomposition of all stocks of neonictinoids worldwide. These agencies shall integrate research on additional threats to insect pollinators, such as depleted biospheric oxygen, increased greenhouse gases, biospheric depleted uranium, genetically modified organisms and anthropogenic forced in-breeding.
  8. The Agency for Research and Planning (ARP) shall research means for removing or counteracting the effect of neonictinoids already released into the Earth’s environment. ARP shall report developments, findings and plans at least quarterly to the Presidium, agencies of the Integrative Complex, Ministry of Environment and to the World Parliament.
  9. Earth Federation agencies shall submit proposed budgets and fiscal reports for the implementation of this Act to the Presidium, the Ministry of the Environment, other agencies of the Integrative Complex and the World Parliament. Earth Federation agencies that do not otherwise have funds for the implementation of this act may requisition emergency funding from respective world treasury accounts of the Emergency Earth Rescue Administration.
  10. All agencies of the Integrative Complex and the Ministry of Environment shall submit a quarterly report on progress of the implementation of this act, to include program and policy recommendations for more efficient and safe implementation of the act. The World Parliament encourages immediate reporting of significant discoveries.

Attested, Eugenia Almand, JD, Provisional World Parliament