World Legislative Act 60

Paid Informant Ban

Additive Amendment to World Legislative Act Number 19

World Security Act, Article 19. Paid Informant Ban

Whereas a common policy of relying on paid informants who are not vetted police officers has resulted in apparent false testimony for the purpose of remuneration;

The World Parliament prohibits the policy of the Enforcement System using paid informants for the identification of violators of world law. The Enforcement System must not offer rewards for testimony.

Upstanding citizens may inform the Enforcement System of violations of world law. However, citizens must not expect monetary remuneration for this cooperation.  However, for citizens who provide information to the Enforcement System, the Court shall provide compensation for costs associated with court testimony resulting from the time and travel testimony at the Court, including loss of business income for the period in Court, whether or not there is conviction in any particular case.

Notwithstanding this article, and based upon assessments of the World Ombudsmus, Enforcement System and the World Court, witnesses are eligible for witness protection benefits, as already defined in world legislation.