World Legislative Act 8

World Commission on Terrorism

Short title: Terrorism Commission


* In a world already beset with many global crises and difficult problems, the situation is made more difficult by terrorism;

* Both organized terrorism and random terrorist acts serve to confuse issues, enflame passions, exaggerate problems and make peaceful and reasonable solutions more difficult;

* Sometimes terrorism is organized by States against other States or against people, even their own citizens; sometimes terrorism is organized by people against States or against other people;

* In some situations, regardless of basic issues, the economic and social fabric of entire countries is disrupted, the living and working conditions of people made dangerous and miserable, and many innocent people are killed and their property destroyed;

* In order to cope with terrorist activities, some smaller countries which might otherwise desire to apply resources for peaceful development, are forced to divert funds for military defense against terrorism;

* Instead of an end to terrorism, more and more situations appear to be caught up in terrorism complications and intrigue;


Article 1. This second session of the provisional World Parliament hereby creates a WORLD COMMISSION ON TERRORISM.

Article 2. This Act defines Terrorism as the use of violence against lives or property, or threat to use violence against lives of property, without a formal declaration of war, for the purpose of trying to achieve objectives that may appear difficult to achieve by peaceful means. This Act defines violence as the use of force or coercion that is unlawful under world legislation and world law.

Article 3. The objectives and functions of the World Commission on Terrorism (W.C.T.) include the following:

3.1 To investigate and clarify the issues and circumstances of any particular situation in which terrorism is involved, and in particular any situation in which terrorism appears to be organized on a transnational or worldwide level;

3.2 To discover, uncover, clarify and define any just grievances or partly just grievances that may be involved;

3.3 To discover, uncover, clarify and define any extraneous, ulterior, hidden, manipulative, devious or false issues or reasons for terrorist activities;

3.4 To uncover and clarify the true facts and nature of situations where terrorist activities may be used to enflame or confuse and utilize local or transnational situations, e.g., ethnic conflicts, for the achievement of objectives pursued by third parties.

3.5 To discover and define possible solutions to particular situations involving terrorism, and solutions to any aspects of terrorism that transcend national boundaries; in particular, to define, recommend and encourage solutions in the context of an emerging World Federation.

3.6 To expose and seek an end to all transnational shipment or trade in weapons of mass destruction and terrorists’ supplies;

3.7 To expose and seek an end to all training of persons to engage in terrorist activities, particularly where terrorists are trained in one country for terrorist actions in another country;

3.8 To publicize the true nature of situations where violations of human rights may be involved, and to have such problems taken up for peaceful solutions by the World Ombudsmus, to be set up under the Earth Constitution.

3.9 To publicize the true nature of economic problems which may be involved, where such problems transcend national boundaries, and to have such problems taken up for peaceful solutions by the World Economic Development Organization, with adequate resources applied to implement peaceful solutions;

3.10 To expose and seek the apprehension of any terrorist agents or individuals engaged in transnational terrorist activities, without just cause, and to seek to bring such agents and individuals before World Courts of Justice.

Article 4. The nucleus of the WCT shall consist of members of the provisional World Parliament, at a minimum of one from each country.

Article 5. This Act authorizes the WCT to invite each country affected by the activities of terrorists to send both government and peoples representatives to serve on the World Commission on Terrorism.

Article 6. The WCT shall function with liaison to the Office of the World Attorney General, and in particular, with the Investigations Department of the Enforcement System.

Article 7. This Act authorizes the WCT to begin its work forthwith.

Article 8. The Earth Federation Funding Corporation, established by World Legislative Act #7, shall fund the WCT.

* * * * * * * * * *

Adopted as World Legislative Act #8, at the second session of the provisional World Parliament, meeting in New Delhi, India, March 1985, convened in conformance with Article 19 of the Earth Constitution. Formatting amendments were adopted at the 8th session of the provisional World Parliament, convened at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, in August, 2004.

Attested: Philip Isely, Secretary (2nd & 4th sessions)
Provisional World Parliament

Eugenia Almand, JD, Secretary
Provisional World Parliament