16 August 2004

What is this freedom that beckons at the door,

And opens to the heart in moments rare?

What is this song, that comes from bards of yore,

Teaching the fragrance of a purer air,

Than daily care, and fret, and thoughts so poor?

I know there is another bliss,

Beyond the beauty of a woman’s kiss,

A bliss that intimates our future state,

Of peace beyond recalling, never too late

To vibrate in the god, an affirmation of our fate.

I watch the stars at night, the inky black,

Bespeckled by a million points of light,

And know the destiny of humankind,

As truth and freedom from the daily grind,

A wafting in this wind of bliss and might.

This awareness of the sparkling world,

Reflected in the limpid mind,

Responding deeply to its kind,

In bird and tree and sky and sea —

This freedom-world was made for me.

*     *     *     *     *

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