Impatience in Costa Rica

                                                                 6 June 2005

The pretty streams of Cuidad Colon

          full of bubbling rocks,

  Arching trees, and winding


  Are lined with wild Impatience,

          flowering in the secret twilight.

  Pink flowers blooming everywhere,

          along these shady hidden courses,

  Under tiny one-car bridges,

          behind the back yards of the gated,

  Spanish casas.

Hidden from the streets and bustle,

          the beauty of wild Impatience,

  Flourishing in forgotten gullies,

          signals the fullness of the glory of the world.

The tiny yards, respectable behind security gates,

          cultivate flowering trees,

  Las Mesas in the tidy homes,

          display cut flowers, carefully arranged,

  And protected, domesticated,

          behind the locked steel gates.

Alarm systems para securidad,

          even images of the blessed Virgin,

  In public shrines,

          locked behind the bars

  Of respectability, safety, and security.

While the wild impatience,

          magnificently blooms, unnoticed,

  Along forgotten stream-beds,

          between the bubbling rocks,

  Unprotected, ungated, and unseen.

*     *     *     *     *

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