Mountain Lake

29 July 2004

Great white clouds in the vast blue sky,

Hang like magical islands,

In an ocean of light.

The sky, a thrilling brilliant blue,

Darker hues above, paling to an ecstatic silver blue,

At the horizon.

The lake calm, jubilant with tiny wavelets,

Reflecting the bottomless joy of sky and clouds,

Green forest mirrored at every shore,

Eternal rocks and boulders salute the gray-green water’s edge.

Water, sky, and shore blend into the deep mystery,

Of nature’s eternal beauty.

It is enough to be still amidst this beauty,

The soul refreshed, relaxing its daily fret,

Yields to nature’s grace,

And finds again,

Its bottomless connection,

To the Eden of its birth.


* * * * * *

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