San Jose, Costa Rica

3 June 2005

While we wait in our autobus,

for the stoplight to flash green,

And turn our attention,

to the busy city streets,

Traffic bustling through the crowded calles,

bright red taxis, yellow autobuses,

and flashing blue billboards announce

their corporate graffiti at every turn.

Pedestrians, colorful in shapes, sizes, and sexes,

hookers, salesmen, and street vendors,

Scurry, pre-ocupado, under the cool cloud cover.

The rainy season promises,

An afternoon freshness,

under giant video screens competing

With sexy billboards,

for momentary attention.

Rushing for bus or taxi or restaurante typico,

people appear unaware,

That nothing lives on these city streets.

The colors of the busy city,

Flash in splendid suchness,

while the nothingness that is not there,

In its momentary flow,

that neither stops nor starts,

Nor flashes red or green or blue,

settles beneath the great white statue of Christos,

Avoiding discovery.

*     *     *     *     *

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