Tedium: A Prayer

11 June 2007

My heart is sad and weary,

Here, the tedium

And the cost of building a new world,

Descend like a waking-dream,

As I face the rules of the System,

Its cynicism, godlessness, and decadence.

Bring me peace, oh God!

Peace to transcend the weary tedium

Of impersonal airports, arrogant bureaucrats,

And soulless security agents.

Peace from the dehumanization of obedience to the procedures of

Totalitarianism and domination: the conditioning of people

To tolerate irrational security measures and dehumanizing procedures.

Bring me peace to live with openness

To thy kingdom embracing the Earth,

Peace to live without qualification,

Peace to think, free of the deadening zone of tedium

That wearies the soul, activating resentment and contempt.

Bring me peace, oh God,

To live without qualification,

So that the dehumanizing measures of THE SYSTEM

Wash off my soul like sunshine after morning rain.

Bring me peace to think, free to live apart,

Unspoiled by the living nightmare of security, surveillance,

And strangulation.


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