The Mystery of Freedom

A wonderful philosopher,

Writes to me:

“If rational freedom is rational,

It cannot be a mystery,”

In response to my claim,

About the mysterious

Depths of freedom.

But freedom arises from the abyss,

From depths beyond comprehension,

And struggles toward the light,

Of democracy, justice, and transformation,

Of the Earth.

Its upsurge endangered,

Beyond comprehension,

Struggles for survival,

Among countless atrocities,

Countless victims,

With a gentle pressure against the forces,

That would deny and destroy,

Freedom arising from the depths.

Yet the upsurge of freedom,

In nature and history,

Like fireworks in the night,

Of geological time,

Like an ever-flowing river,

In historical time,

Lives but the flicker of a candle,

Within each human life.


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