Thoughts after Visiting Hiroshima


War – mass murder, excuse for mass murder,

The grave of humankind, swallowing generations,

Swallowing the women and children, crushed in the hell

 of the merciless human spirit.

There is no other reason,

‘just war’ a lie,

‘freedom’ a lie, ‘self-defense’ a lie.  War is lie.

We must stop, and each person must stop. 

Just say ‘enough, no more, not through me.’ 

Let me ‘cling to truth’

Let me cling to satyagraha!


Transfomative passion at the heart of

our world-disorder, our world lie,

to make the Earth a garden

of peace, justice, and prosperity.

It will not come from churches, temples, rituals,

It will not come from seminars, speeches, schoolings,

It will not come from intellectual knowledge of world problems,

multiculturalism, meditation. 


Noncooperation with evil means NO.

It can only come with the power of NO!

NO to fear.  NO to hate.

NO to the nation-state. NO to global capital.

NO to weapons of mass destruction. 

NO to weapons,

NO to the ugly mouth of war,

Devouring generations,

Devouring the Earth.



But this NO,

a real NO without equivocation,

Comes only from that volcanic YES. 

A YES to life, a YES to freedom,

A YES to God.  


The only redemption for the world comes from

gigantic love (polus agape – Ephesians 2:4),

immense compassionate energy (mahakaruna),

transformative passion for all humanity

and for our precious planet Earth. 

“God only acts and is

through existing beings and men!”


Agape-karuna acts here and now- YES

to abolish the nation-state system and global capital, YES,

structural violence twisting our world to disorder,

violence of poverty

violence ripping up ecosystems

violence of difference

our warring world violence- 

the ugly devouring mouth,

NO to war

YES to life,

to love the Earth and its creatures

ALL its creatures!


Passionate love in the here and now!

The here and now of this eternal moment,

The here and now of this eschaton

to establish democratic world law,

embracing the unity-in-diversity

of all who live upon the Earth,

with an economic system based

on the infinite dignity

and beauty of each person,

and on the infinite beauty

and dignity of planet Earth. 


Transformative action –

the gigantic NO and the volcanic YES,

limitless compassionate energy (agape-karuna),

Messianic passion.

Only this has the power!

Power of YES, Power of NO

to redeem a world!

Poverty is war,

Ecosystem destruction war,

Nothing to stop war – the ultimate human evil –

But the unqualified YES.

Only love and compassion can stop war!

But it must be each, eachness, each one.  

No abstract ideas!  Each one says NO. 

Each says YES.


“A YES, a NO, a straight line – a goal”

Where is your love?

Where your compassion?

Live your humanity,

Live but one man!

Live from yourself, and live from God!

God only acts and is through existing beings and men!

A Yes, a No, a straight line – a goal.

Be a human being!

The messianic passion of YES and NO.

No more war-

Make your life a YES, and a NO!


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