Bird Song

(End of summer 2020)

The bird song returned to these forests,

New year, new summer, and the haunting sound

Of elusive vibration emerging from the depths,

Pointing to the depths

Of silence,

Of being,

Of love and hope.


Despair dispelled by the welling up of

That vibration, calling to me,

Speaking to me,

Of the welling up in me,

Of the depths

Of silence

Of being,

Of love and hope.


The energy of finitude,

My consciousness

Bespeaks Infinity,

This song that strikes an inner cord,

Simultaneously evokes,

The silence beyond finitude,

The depths behind vibration,

The One behind the many.


How that birdsong calls forth,

The depths that animate my being,

I know not,

Nor care not,

For the fullness of life,

And the power of that transformed

Future, arise not from knowing

How, but from being alive in the

Here and Now.


O birdsong!

O vibration in my being,

O the depths embracing both!

O this love and hope!

I feel one with the

Ocean of life,

But cannot say what this might mean.


O birdsong,

You have returned,

Ever to return again.

* * * * * *


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