Morning Sun  

(14 November 2012)

The dazzling morning sun bursts over the distant mountains in a breathtaking instant,

 flooding the lake with boundless golden energy.  The lake stands ecstatic, like the divine.

My heart stirs within, my emotions flooded with beauty and glory.

Who dares to say this world lacks value?

Who dares not to love this world?

Who dares to substitute power for beauty?

I gaze at the glory of the earth flooded in golden sunlight,

And certainty fills my being

Bringing faith, hope, and fortitude.

Faith in the Infinite ground beyond personification,

Hope in the immense possibilities embedded within our lives,

Fortitude in the struggle, within and without, for recognition of this ecstatic ground:

I act not just for humanity, but for this unsayable ground of being, value and life.

*     *     *     *     *

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