Our Cosmic Journey and the Earth Constitution

Sages from all the great world’s traditions,

Have pondered the profound mystery,

Of being human,

The deep mystery of being alive,

Of being aware,

Of being part of this astonishing cosmos–

The primal miracle of existence,

Flared forth in this vast cosmic process,

For 14 billion years—evolving,

And blossoming into awareness,  

On our beautiful planet Earth,

Our home made for life,

Made for joy,

Made for the fullness of existence.

* * * * * * * * * *

All things evolve,

Cosmos, planets, and all persons,

Change with time,

And we emerged as human beings,

From primordial roots,

Only yesterday on this cosmic scale.

Yet a miracle was born with us,

Awareness of the mystery was born with us–

God, humanity, cosmos,

A wonderous trio intertwined,

From the very foundations of the world.

Ancient sacred texts declared,

“Let us make man in our image and likeness,”

Ancient texts declared, “The world is one family,”

And ancient sages declared that we should love one another.

* * * * * * * * * *

But human freedom included power,

Power to enslave, dominate, exploit,

Power to divide you from me.

Kings and conquerors grasped at power,

Rivers of blood flowed through,

The corridors of history,

To satisfy the lust for power and division–

Your culture verses my culture,

Your religion versus my religion,

Your race versus my race,

Your nation versus my nation.

They created boundaries on the Earth

And boundaries in the minds,

Of peoples everywhere.

Confusing boundaries with reality,

Rivers of blood flowed forth,

From the boundaries,

With their lust for power and division.

* * * * * * * * * *

Boundary people ignored the ancient sacred text declaring–

“The nameless is the beginning of the ten thousand things.”

They confused the finger pointing at the moon for the moon,

Imprisoned in boxes of their own making,

They went to war defending their boxes.

Their religious boxes, their racial boxes, their national boxes.

Today we see our precious Earth from space–

No boundary lines shining on that jewel–

No divisions, no boxes, no mine and thine,

Only a blue sphere floating in empty space,

One planet, one humanity, one divine mystery,

One beautiful oasis of for all of life.

A planet evolved from the darkness of cold space,

Into warmth and beauty and life and hope.

* * * * * * * * * *

Many men and women joined in this awareness,

To write the Constitution for the Federation of Earth

To place the boxes and the boundaries,

In proper perspective,

To love the Earth as our cosmic home,

To respect the dignity of all persons,

And other living creatures,

On our precious Earth that belongs to all.

The Earth Constitution,

Gives us back our home,

Restores the human family,

And points to peace on Earth.

With freedom for the fulness of life,

With a peace that embraces justice for all peoples,

With a holism of ecological wisdom and concern,

The Earth Constitution gives back to all,

for the first time on a planetary scale,

A planet filled with hope and love.

The dream of the ancient sacred texts,

That the world is one family,

Made in one image,

An unspeakable mystery beyond the boxes and the boundaries,

Asks for all of us today,

To evolve beyond our boxes and our boundaries,

Into the unity in diversity,

Of the Earth constitution solution.