The Mystery of No-thing


This massive rock,

Silence of the ages revealed—

Unsayable, unknown, immediate,

Immediacy beyond words.

While bird-song penetrates to the depths of being,

Thrill of existence, shudder of recognition—

No bird seen, no concept formed.

The emptiness of silence and bird-song,

Revealed in the deep recesses of the forest-wild.

Wilderness embracing silence and song.


My human senses encounter a familiar forest,

Of sights and sounds.

My human reason names and orders,

The elements of forest as rock, bird, trees, flora, ecosystem,

But senses and reason fail here—

Fail in moments of the whole,

Encounter with the depths of bird-song and silence.


In immediacy and wilderness,

Silence and shudder of recognition,

Opens a third eye—

The eye of emptiness,

Embraced by mystery, unperceived, unreasoned,

Yet complete, somehow fulfilled, somehow this living ground of

Unspeakable Mystery enwraps our being.


And opens heart and mind to the Real,

The mystery of Existence,

Not concept, not sensorium,


Rounding the trinity of our being,

This fullness-emptiness of completion, unspeakable finality,

Ushers us into that sacred space,

Embraced by the Mystery of No-thing.