Significance of the Provisional World Parliament

Session 15:  December 10 – 12, 2021, New Delhi, India

The Parliament will be hybrid—both on-line and in person: you can register at

Glen T. Martin, President

Human beings are facing possible extinction through climate collapse and/or nuclear holocaust.  Understanding this, hundreds of world citizens worked together from 1968 to 1991 to write a Constitution for the Federation of Earth that provides a coherent means by which we can avoid extinction and establish a flourishing planetary civilization. Today, the Earth Constitution has a worldwide movement behind it of world citizens working to establish a decent planetary civilization under its authority.

Because the threats to our human and planetary future are so great, the framers of the Earth Constitution created Article 19 that establishes our right and duty to activate Provisional World Government, the essence of which is the Provisional World Parliament (PWP).  People of vision, who understand of these threats to human existence and our path to overcoming them, have organized and participated in 14 sessions of the PWP to date, and the 15th session is now organized for December 10-12, 2021 in New Delhi.

What these sessions of the PWP amount to is world citizens and advanced thinkers coming together to (1) model for the world what it should be doing and (2) actually jump-start the democratic Earth Federation in the here and now.  What we are doing, therefore, has immense world-historical significance. This is not just another conference, one of a million other conferences.  This is a defining moment when the new world is being born and all participants are both part of this historic moment and witnesses to history being made.

This is the significance of participation, whether we are students, professors, or world citizens from any walk of life.  We are at the threshold, the turning point, from militarized nation-state chaos and likely human extinction to world unity in diversity and democratic world law. Participants at this threshold moment of transition are witnesses to history being made. This session of the PWP will be one of the defining moments in the history of human civilization.

One can register either as an observer or as a delegate. Delegates must be personal signatories of the Earth Constitution, which can be done at  Delegates may vote on proposed world legislative acts.   Observers are welcome but may not vote on these proposed acts for the obvious reason that the acts are emerging world governmental acts passed under the authority of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. It is this planetary moral authority under which the PWP meets and that lends legitimacy to our work.

The first day of the Parliament will involve grand opening ceremonies with brief speeches by a number of prominent thinkers and leaders both from India and abroad concerning the immense significance of our project and its prospects for the future of humanity.  Later in the day we will have selections of the Commissions being set up for the on-going transformative work of the Provisional World Parliament, which will be open to all delegates to the PWP.

The second day of the Parliament will require the active participation of all delegates who will be considering proposed World Legislative Acts (WLAs), discussing them, and voting on them.  There are some powerful and important WLAs being prepared that will be distributed ahead of time to all participants.

The third day of the Parliament will involve open discussion by delegates and observers of what went on and where to we go from here?   How to we move forward to create a world of peace, justice and sustainability for all persons and our endangered planet Earth?

The experience of participation in the PWP can and should be one of those “peak experiences” of our lives in which we grow immensely, expand our vision, and begin the grasp the significance of world citizens working together on behalf of a transformed future for all humanity.

A fundamental aspect of the work of the Provisional World Parliament is laying the groundwork for ratification of the Earth Constitution under the criteria set out in Article 17The Commissions formed at this session of the PWP will serve as the vanguard for this on-going work—the development of World Electoral and Administrative Districts for the Earth, the development of mechanisms for direct voting by the people of Earth, extending initiatives for protecting and saving the environment, for ending war, for protecting universal human rights, and for ending extreme poverty everywhere on Earth.

We thank the government of India and the great traditions of Indian culture that see the entire world has one human family for providing the setting and the occasion for these momentous events. From the Vedic tradition that proclaimed all human beings as “one family,” to Rabindranath Tagore who articulated a vision of a “universal man” beyond all divisions and national identities, to Swami Vivekananda who invited all human beings the first World Parliament of Religions to act as “bothers and sisters,” to Sri Aurobindo who founded the World Union organization working for democratic world government, Indian culture has supported this vision.  And Indian governmental leaders from Prime Minister Jawara Nehru to President Zail Singh to parliamentarians Bal Ram Jakar and Dr. Karan Singh have supported Nehru’s declaration that “the only way peace can be achieved is through world government.”

The PWP represents a center and focal point for the great transition of human civilization from one of competition, war, and fragmentation for one of coherence, peace, justice, love, and sustainability.  All our ideals and our vision of a better world can and should be focused here. The Provisional World Parliament is the vanguard for integral human liberation.