Previous Notices for PWP 16

PWP15 – Previous Notices for PWP16

(World Legislative bills postponed for the 16th PWP Intersession) Does any delegate have any further previous notice, not on the list for the PWP15-PWP16 Intersession?

Amendment bill WLA19, Incompetence and insanity adjudications, convictions and sentencing require similar security measures.  (Georgia. related to Venezuela bill 14)

Amendment bill WLA37, Interference on grounds of alleged incompetence or insanity are grounds for aggravated charges. (Georgia. related to Venezuela bill 14)

Amendment Auxiliary Languages bill for Resolution, Create list, adding Modern Sanskrit, Hindi and Dravidian languages to list. (Venezuela 11)

World Legislative Bill Number 73 – Consultations (Summary: Mandates, through the Provisional World Parliament, global consultations to the population.) Lists subjects of Referendums and Initiatives. (Venezuela bill 04) to Elections Commission

World Legislative Bill Number 74 — (Bill Titles Reserved pending Sub-Committee Report) Creates a Department of Ombudsmus encouraging popular participation in the five primary functions (branches) of Earth Federation. (Venezuela bill 10) to Elections Commission.

World Legislative Bill Number 75 -­­- Virtual Space Travel and Digital Observatories of the Universe. Form Sub-Committee. (Venezuela bill 05) to Education Commission.

Declaration of Spirituality Bill Number 77 – Requires Earth Federation officers to receive training for cross-cultural empathy, mediation practices and observation of religious freedom guaranteed under EC Article 12.6. (Peru bill 1) to Education Commission.

World Legislative Bill Number 76 – Creation of a study group on the philosophical trend after modernity (Venezuela bill 2) to Education Commission.

World Legislative Bill Number 77 –  New Sustainability Index — Creates working group to develop a new global Sustainability Index for the post-modern era. (Venezuela bill 07) to Finance Commission.

World Legislative Bill Number 78 — Release of vaccines and medicines. —

Vaccines and drugs needed to fight epidemics, pandemics, and contagious diseases are released. Venezuela bill 08) to World Problems Commission.

World Legislative Bill Number — Organization of WCPA for exponential growth – Assign to Commissions. (Venezuela bill 15)

World Legislative Bill Number 79 – Prohibition of cash bails. Cash bail legacy creates a violation of the equal protection clause of the Earth Constitution, and generates conditions where wealthy suspects are put into positions where they can tamper with evidence or escape adjudication. Cash bail systems also place undue hardships on people without many resources, and creates incentives for deception, theft of bail and jury tampering.

Grau & Prat resolution bill to Enforcement Commission (Peru bill)