The Great Transition Initiative debate about the Earth Constitution

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An Earth Constitution: Has Its Time Come?

The people of Earth confront a common destiny without a coordinated way to mute dangers and pursue ambitions. As mounting crises reveal the inadequacy of the UN’s state-centric model, the idea of a constitutional world federation gains traction. Glen Martin’s opening essay introduces the Earth Constitution proposal for a new transnational political order. Three panels respond to this bold initiative: the first endorses the approach, the second favors different strategies, and the third spotlights the cultivation of inclusive, democratic processes.

Panel 1

The Time Has Come

“The Great Transition Requires the Earth Constitution”

Opening Essay by Glen T. Martin

Laura George: “The Promise of Empowering Women”

Roger Kotila: “Breaking Past UN Impotence”

Alexander Lautensach: “The Last Hope for Our Lifeboat”

Glen T. Martin: “Response to Panelists”