Amendments for World Legislative Act Number 54: The Remedies and Corrections Act


12.2. Sheriffs – Office of World District Sheriff and World District Deputy Sheriff is hereby created for monitoring house arrests, paroles, and probations and enforcement of world court equity decisions. Every five years at general elections, each World Boundaries and Elections Administration World District Office shall place on the ballot provisions for five World District Sheriffs and 25 World District Deputy Sheriffs.

Each candidate for World District Sheriff shall slate five qualified Deputy World District Sheriffs. The adult residents of each of five World Electoral and Administrative Sub-Districts may elect one District Sheriff together with the qualified slate. A District Sheriff candidate and candidates of the slate may only run for elected office through one sub-district per election.

… Qualification to be a candidate for World District Sheriff or a Deputy World District Sheriff is at least 21 years of age at the time of taking office, have World District attorney certification from the Institute for Governmental Procedures and World Problems (IGPWP, IGPWP/WCSA), with demonstrable knowledge of applicable world law, be a resident for at least one year of the district from which the candidate is seeking office, and shall take a pledge of service to humanity (solemn undertaking). …

Nominations will be made based upon Election petition with signatures from the residents of the particular World District may determine nominations for candidacy. Prospective World Deputy Sheriffs and World Sheriffs shall not only have prior residency of at least one year in the World District in which they are to run for election, but they shall retain full year residency within the respective world district throughout their term of office. Deputy Sheriffs may run for re-election once. Sheriffs may run for re-election once. Service as a Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff does not count against time that a person may be eligible for service as a World Police Captain or World Police Supervisor. Deputy Sheriffs report to the Sheriff. World District Sheriffs report to their respective Regional World Attorney General. Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs must not simultaneously hold any other office or employment during their term of office.

In the case of incapacitation of a District Sheriff, the respective Deputy District Sheriffs shall elect a pro tempore District Sheriff, until the world district can hold by-elections for a replacement District Sheriff and slate. Pro tempore service does not count toward term limits.

From the World Civil Service Administration lists, and within the World District Attorney budget, a world district may hire any number of qualified world district advocates or world district attorneys to be sub-ordinate to the elected World District Sheriff and Deputy World District Sheriffs. The sub-ordinate law professionals report to their respective Deputy World District Sheriff, but are immune from the election cycle and hold office during competency.