New Delhi Declaration

Provisional World Parliament – New Delhi Declaration – 12 December 2021

“A Transformed Future Emerging from Planetary Disaster”

The world is facing a pandemic that has unnecessarily killed millions of people around our planet.  In countries everywhere chaos reigns—governments are closing down entire communities, creating drastic rules to try to stop the spread, but mutations of the virus continue and the ongoing pandemic continues to spread uncontrollably and wreak havoc everywhere.

Not only has the pandemic pitted nations and groups against one another as they struggle for materials, testing kits, or vaccination formulas, it has pitted people and communities against one another in countries around the world—crashing entire economies and pushing human passions to extremes of hate and fear. This world medical emergency serves as a symbol and a metaphor of our larger world disorder.  It has revealed the fragility and disfunctionality of our present world non-system.

The world before the pandemic was characterized by brutal economic competition, endless regional wars fueled by weapons sales and clandestine transfers from the major weapons-producing countries, relentless climate disasters such as floods and wildfires, the insane risk of nuclear holocaust, and a glaring scarcity of life necessities for 2/3rds of the world’s citizens while the upper 1/3 live in luxury and consume far beyond their needs. Because of these truths, we members of the Provisional World Parliament declare that:

Whereas, corporate giants, medical cartels and international military funding systems have continued to develop bioweapons, nuclear weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction.

Whereas the system of private stockholder profit from production of vaccines as well as the production of weapons is a conflict of interest against the health of humanity;

Whereas international agencies have wholly failed to provide any aspect of wholesome medical care and good prophylaxis to humanity but instead have permitted junk food, neurotoxins, endless plastic trash, and limitless quantities of toxic wastes to permeate our global environment;

Whereas the vast majority of people of Earth are suffering from bad medical administration along with grinding poverty, together with wholly inadequate policies, while the system profits by the disarray, suffering and, fragmentation disguised with supposed plausible deniability;

Whereas the Permanent Seats of the United Nations Security Council are in fact, not the guarantee of national sovereignty, but instead make a continuous mockery of the idea of national sovereignty, with any use or non-use of the veto power a total abnegation and abdication of national sovereignty, as the principle of the veto is obviously that the United Nations as itself a unit, stands above any of its members, including above any of its so-called “Permanent Security Members”, and that even those “permanent members” are entirely hostage to the machine of lawlessness embodied in the United Nations Charter.

Whereas Permanent Members are allowed to initiate any war activity they please under Chapters 7 and 8 of the Charter, these same permanent members are permitted to engage in belligerent actions under this Charter, having the power to veto any sanctions that might be proposed on them. Indeed, permanent members are enjoined from any protection at all of their respective populations in favor of heavy subsidies for any and all mutually destructive war preparations and military-industrial complexes.

Whereas, the United Nations Charter as given exempts individual persons from responsibility to any law beyond those of their respective nations, and that the United Nations system as a whole is exempt from any law or democratic accountability whatsoever; whereas under its Article 105 provision for the prohibition of any self-restraint or self-government within the context of absolute impunity from any judicious consequence of any activity at all, forever having license to commit whatever atrocities their officials might envision.

Whereas, under the United Nations Charter, there is continual impetus and acceleration toward more blatant and more pervasive war crimes and crimes against humanity, not only on the high seas and coasts of the world, but also in almost every aspect of economic, military, and social activity around our planet Earth. The truth of this is easily referenced by mentioning the names of disgraceful wars in Korea, Zaire, Vietnam, former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and an endless list of other “interventions” and “sanctions” destroying the lives of millions and demonstrating the lawlessness of this system of rogue nation-states,

We delegates of this fifteenth session of the Provisional World Parliament, meeting in New Delhi in December 2021, hereby declare our position under the heading of “Our World Legal, Social, Economic, Military, and Medical Emergency”—this world fragmentation, this world chaos. We declare that the people of Earth shall unite under the principle of true unity in diversity embodied within the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

While coronavirus is noted as a real world health issue, so is the continuation of business without a worldwide single-payer system. While militarism is a world political issue, so is the continuation of the war-for-profit economic system. All aspects of this dysfunctional world system synergistically destroy a credible future for humanity. The Provisional World Parliament specifically notes that design, deployment (including “accidental” bioweapon deployment) and stock trade in bioweapons are world felonious offenses, and that Criminal Bench sentencing parameters as a World Penal Code have been in effect since 2003 under laws enacted by the Provisional World Parliament (PWP). The PWP notes that bioweapons crime is comprehensively treated in world legislative acts: 1, 13, 39, 40, and 41 (cf.

The World Parliament is not against vaccinations, but notes with great interest that the investors in the bio-weapons gain-of-function development and deployment and the investors in the vaccination programs appear to be by and large the same investors, creating a situation where the vaccination company executives have pronounced conflicts of interest in any action they might try to engage.

The World Parliament recognizes a world need for vaccinations to be independently examined, approved, and distributed free of charge to humanity. The World Parliament recognizes a necessity for vaccines to only develop within the world public sphere as a property of humanity and not as a private property to be used as any instrument of either so-called conventional or economic warfare. Likewise the forests of the Earth, the atmosphere of the Earth, and the oceans of Earth belong to the people of Earth and to future generations. These are not the private property of either sovereign nation-states, nor multi-national corporations. The Earth Constitution alone embodies this global common good empowered by a planetary, democratic global public authority.

Concern regarding Continuing Undeclared or Declared Wars in Operation

The World Parliament notes that the militaries of many states have been co-opted and commandeered by private and corporate interests, against the well-being of others and also against the well-being of the very populations that the militaries are supposedly enjoined to protect. This has resulted in multiple continuous war activities, especially on the high seas off every continent and in the coastal seas of countries, with unceasing threats of escalation. We abhor the brutal attacks on Venezuela by the imperial powers and the complicity of the UN in this savagery.

These same war activities are typically shielded from public examination by the denial of freedom of the press through the equating of economic power with freedom of speech and other nonsensical rulings from suborned nation-state court systems. Often the same super-wealthy people who own the mass media are investors in the war-systems of their respective nation-states. These war activities are also shielded by the United Nations Charter permitting the international crimes perpetuated by so-called “sovereign states” to engage organizationally in unrestricted war activity and unrestricted crime sprees under Chapters 7 and 8 of the United Nations Charter, calling these activities “sanctions” or militarized “peace-keeping” actions.

Our Emerging World Transformative Process

We the people of Earth do not want more of the same after this terrible pandemic!  We do not want more banking cartel-system domination and exploitation of the economic well-being of the people of Earth. We do not want endless trillions in wealth pouring down the toilet of militarism and war.  We do not want more private corporate domination of our health and well-being with its attendant chaos, sickness, and disease. We do not want more wealth and power for the 1% of the Earth’s population who now own 50% of its wealth.

At this 15th Session of the Provisional World Parliament, held at the United Services Institute, New Delhi, India, in December of the year 2021 of the Common Era, the Provisional World Parliament has adopted global authorization for the grassroots emergence of the separate world judicial, world enforcement and world human rights protection powers, to henceforth operate without micro-management, but forever within the confines of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and world legislation of the Provisional World Parliament.

The authentic rule of democratically legislated law for our planet shall replace the fragmented and lawlessness sanctioned by the UN Charter. Global public banking for the common good of all shall replace economic exploitation of the many by the few who own the vast majority of the world’s wealth and its money-creation systems.  Real protection and regeneration of our planetary ecosystem’s integrity shall replace the endlessly failed Paris Climate Accords or the 26 so-called UN Climate Change Conferences of State Parties (COPs 1-26).

The “parties” in these UN meetings profess absolutely sovereignty, they claim the “right” to meet as militarized nation-states that inherently cannot unite to save our planetary biosphere. Truly united action is impossible under this system, as evidenced by the utter failure of the UN system, since the first world climate conference of 1972 (more than half a century ago) to protect our collapsing planetary biosphere along with its accelerating climate disasters taking place everywhere on Earth.

By federating the nations and peoples of Earth under a binding legal unity, the Earth Constitution removes the fundamental causes of our world legal, social, economic, and medical emergency. These central causes revolve around the spurious concept of absolute national sovereignty in which many heads of state and their suborners recognize no enforceable world law above themselves and recognize no legal responsibility of their individual citizens to a global common good protected by law and democratic institutions. We abhor the vicious attacks on the people of Venezuela by the imperial powers and the complicity of the United Nations in this savagery.

The tragedy of the pandemic is also a hidden ground for hope. People everywhere are waking up to the criminalized war and exploitation system now dominating our planet. They are demanding real change, real transformation to a world system that produces genuine peace, justice, and sustainability rather than endless war, injustice, and on-going climate collapse. We members of the 15th session of the Provisional World Parliament endorse rapid ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

In this historic action, our word and our principles are in conformance with the ancient Vedic edict of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakum: The world is one family. We are in conformance with the profound Islamic principle of God’s law embracing the common good of all humanity, and with the Christian prayer for bringing the divine kingdom of God to Earth. As the plum blossoms in winter, as the Buddhist prayer of Kuan Yin invokes humanity with the intent and dispersion of coordinating action through the whole of humanity, we pray that with the blessing of the divine Providence, that in the Spirit of the name called out by the waves of the mighty oceans, that this law of worlds shall germinate and blossom rapidly to every inhabited corner of this magnificent Earth.

Appreciation from World Parliament to India

With deep appreciation to the people, the officials and to the government of India, and to the responsible and valiant Service Members of the United Services Institute of India, we delegate Members of World Parliament, representing the whole of the people of Earth, remain, respectfully yours—the voice of the people of Earth crying out for India to take the lead for an Article 109 Review Conference in conformance to world federal rules to be followed by replacing the UN Charter by the Earth Constitution, providing a democratic world system predicated on genuine planetary peace, justice, and sustainability for humanity and the Earth.