3 January 2022


Within the many shines the One,

The integrative act,

Both act and insight,

Mean that “this man is my brother,”

“This woman is my sister.”


Recognition of the Thou,

Requires prior unity,

The “Thou” cannot be objectified,

Nor subjectified,

But arises with the “I” as primordial.


The perichoresis of all things in the One,

The circum-intercession of the many,

Frames brotherhood and sisterhood,

But is in-sufficient,

The I and Thou arise together in the revelation of the Real.


The Muslim, the Buddhist, the Christian, the Jew,

Appropriate the Real in words and images,

Incommensurable, mutually impenetrable,

How is it then that “this man is my brother,”

“This women is my sister”?


The abyss of the Real is deeper than words and images,

No concepts illuminate the interpenetration,

Of the One and the many,

Only the immediacy of revelation,

Beyond words and images.


My brother and I arise astonished,

From the absolute mystery of Existence,

And encounter our mutual reality,

Emergent and Ecstatic,

Within the unimaginable fullness of our being-here.