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One World Renaissance

A Philosopher’s Guide to Planetary Transformation through a Global Social Contract

By Dr. Glen T. Martin

October 15, 2014 • Institute for Economic Democracy Press • 372 pages • 6×9 • Index / Bibliography

LCCN:  2015939597 • Trade paper:  9781933567501 ($19.95) • eBook: 9781933567518 ($9.99)

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Table of Contents
Prologue xiii

1 Emergent Cosmic Holism  

1.1 The Universe Story and the Rediscovery of Harmony

1.2 Holism, Harmony, and Global Crises

1.3 The Age of Static Holism (Ancient and Medieval World Views)

1.4 The Age of Fragmentation (Early-Modern World Views)

1.5 Some critiques of the Early-Modern System

1.6 The Age of Evolutionary Holism and the New Universe

Story (Today’s EmergingWorld View)

2 Holism and Ethics  

2.1 Evolutionary Holism: The Emergence of Reason and Freedom

2.2 The Reintegration of Fact and Value

2.3 An Ethics of Liberation

2.4 The Present World Disorder as the Denial of Internal Relationships

2.5 Realism versus Utopia

3 Legal Holism: The Rule of Law and Universal Harmony  

3.1 Forerunners of Legal Holism

3.2 Legal Holism

3.3 Consequences of this Paradigm-Shift in the Concepts of Government and Law

3.4 The Presuppositional Status of Democratic World Law

4.1 World Disorder and the Universality of Law  

4.2 Five Fundamental Principles of Order: Universality, Unity-in-Diversity, Human Flourishing, Reason and Love, and dialog

4.3 Summary and Conclusion

5 Sovereignty and the “Moral Autonomy” of Nations: Trashing the Rule of Law Everywhere on Earth  

5.1 Private Morality versus Public Law

5.2 The Rule of Law Among Nations After 9/11

5.3 Private and State Terrorism

5.4 Conclusion

6 Economics, and the Earth Constitution as a Blueprint  

6.1 The World’s Current Unsustainable Debt-based Monetary System

6.2 The World Financial Administration and Sustainable Economics

7 The Question of Power in Relation to Global Government: Is There a Threat of Global Tyranny? 

7.1 Conditions Fostering the Rise of Totalitarianism

7.2 The Earth Constitution and Paradigms of Power

7.3 The Question of an “Outside” to the System

7.4 Legitimate Power as the Alternative to Violence

7.5 Power as Qualitative rather than Quantitative

7.6 Self-Limiting Features of the Earth Federation Government

7.7 Education as Empowerment

8 Holism and Eschatology: Transforming the World’s War System to a World Peace System and Breaking the Hold of One-Dimensional Thinking  

8.1 Totality

8.2 An Absolute Command

8.3 Beyond the Totality

8.4 Nonviolence andWorld Transformation

8.5 TheWorld System

8.6 Eschatology andWorld Transformation

8.7 Our Global Social Contract

9 Twenty-First Century Renaissance: The Reconciliation of Reason, Intuition, and Love  

9.1 Reason and Intuition

9.2 Mystery, Astonishment, andWonder

9.3 Holism and Consciousness

9.4 Holism and Freedom in the Thought of Hans Jonas

9.5 Holism and Love


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