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Selected Political Editorials

Glen T. Martin

Copyright 2019

1. Environmental Collapse and the Pending Death of Civilization

2. The Clueless Left and the Future of Humanity

3.   The Death and Resurrection of Democracy

 4.   The Brutal American Empire and the Great Lie

5.   Without Protest, Americans Giving Up Freedom

6.  Transforming Terrorism

7.   U.S. Military Package for Columbia Continues a Policy of Domination

8.   U.S. Wants to Destroy Cuba, to Preserve Not Democracy, but Private Property

9.    The Corruptions of Patriotism

10.    The Cloak of Evil: Jesus Versus the Beast

11.    Empire, Torture, and the Future

12.   The Christianity of George W. Bush

13.   An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Democratic Party

14.   Torture and the Illusions of Empire

 15.   George W. Bush y "El Destino Manifesto" De Estados Unidos

16.  For the Sake of Humanity and Justice: G-20 Meets 09

17. Personal Moral Vision versus Immoral Society: The Ambiguous Role of Radford University

 18. Black Friday, Black Institutions, and a Black Future?

19. Freedom of Speech and Offensive Public Displays (Dec. 11)

20. A Threat to Freedom: Corporate Colonization of the Curriculum