Nassau in the Bahamas


The quest for knowledge and freedom takes one to strange places.   I would not ordinarily go to Nassau in the Bahamas except that the U.S. prohibits its citizens freedom of travel to Cuba.   Hence, it is necessary to go through a third country to get to Cuba.

Nassau is at the dead center of the map, surrounded by the many islands of the Bahamas

The beach in front of my hotel.



Another view of Junkanoo Beach that extends along the city of Nassau.   Huge cruiseships come to port through this channel.   On of my poems on this website, called “Junkanoo Beach,” compares Havana and Nassau.

(See my poem “Junkanoo Beach, Nassau“)


One of the immense cruise ships to come to this tourist port.   For my understanding of the meaning of tourism see Chapter 14 of my recent book Millennium Dawn.

“Fantasy” is the proper word here.   Some people play in mindless luxury while the rest of the world rots in hell.




This Disney owned ship has giant figures of Donald Duck and one of his nephews.   While Donald paints the ship, the nephew is about to cut the line that holds him.  You can tell the size of the figures from the humans just visible on the deck below.    While their tax dollars destroy the lives and countries of people around the world, a few people live lives on the level of a Disney cartoon.