The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet

Peace Pentagon Press, 2021. The book goes deeply into our planetary environmental crisis and makes clear the path to addressing that crisis.

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Unite as one planet or perish. This is the choice humanity faces as we witness unprecedented crises: ecosystem collapse, wildlife extinction, global pandemics, terrorism, endless war, and economic inequality. Creativity can overcome crises, but what will it take to transform our world into one where peace, justice, and sustainability are planetary principles?

With a comprehensive design for our living planet, The Earth Constitution Solution confronts our perilous future head-on. It shows the absurdity of the nation-state system, which gives Brazil the “right” to destroy the Amazon Forest – the lungs of Earth. It exposes the fundamental flaws and corruption of the New World Order and Great Reset proposed by the World Economic Forum – fractured globalization plans that would divide us and exploit our precious planet. And it reveals why the Earth Federation Movement is growing, as people realize that global problems can only be solved as a united planet.

The Earth Constitution is a unifying document with a practical plan for federating Earth that can be studied and implemented by world citizens. The Earth Constitution saves what works at the United Nations and integrates it into a framework that replaces our fragmented system with a holistic design founded on global democracy. The result is a realistic and inclusive roadmap that charts a glorious future for our living planet.


“The achievement of the Earth Constitution Solution would mark a milestone in humankind’s evolution into a true planetary species.”

⸺ Ervin Laszlo, Founder Club of Rome, Club of Budapest, the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research,, and author of more than 100 books.

The Earth Constitution Solution is a guide for current and future action, and Glen Martin outlines the world structures needed to ensure the rights and common good of all humanity. This book is a vital presentation of the avenues to transcend the current geopolitical, conflictual structures toward a world society in which individuals can develop their full potential.”

~   Rene Wadlow, President of the Association of World Citizens and Professor Emeritus at Graduate Institute of Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland

“Martin’s Design for a Living Planet is an amazing piece of work – an irrefutable argument for an Earth Constitution that should be compulsory reading for all the presidents and prime ministers of the world – preferably as a preparation for a new international convention on a world constitution to replace the obsolete U.N. Charter. Such a convention should be held before the world’s injustices, inequalities, nationalisms, religions and climate change all combine to create the conditions that trigger the next world war.”

~   Ian Hackett, Co-Founder of the World Federalist Party, former Chair of the UK Association of World Federalists, Director of the One World Trust, and Head of the International School of London

“The concept of a world organization to ensure peace and welfare is an ancient one. The Upanishads speak of the human race as a family and see a spark of divinity in every human being … [yet] nationalism turns out to be a much more powerful and potent emotion than universalism. … Martin has written a book entitled Earth Constitution Solution in which he has outlined a concrete proposal for achieving this great ideal. My good wishes are with Martin and other friends who are committed to an idea whose time is bound to come sooner or later.”

~   D. Karan Singh Ji, Associate of the World Constitution and Parliament Association, former Cabinet Member and longest serving Representative in the Raj Sabba (Upper House of the Parliament of India)

“Design for a Living Planet is an essential guidebook for everyone seeking to transcend tribalism and unite humanity through democratic world federation. The world administration advocated by this book and the Earth Constitution is the most complete depiction of what united humanity could look like.”

~   Eston McKeague, President of the Young World Federalists

“Design for a Living Planet has arrived just when our world needs it the most. Every page of this extremely informative, profound and illuminating book offers us seminal wisdom that will guide our generation into a new Age of Holism. Ratifying the Earth Constitution will help lead the way into this magnificent new era for our beloved Planet Earth, all beings in our vast ecosystem and future generations that deserve a beautiful, thriving, and life-affirming home.”

~   Diane Williams, Founder of The Source of Synergy Foundation and the U.N. NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values, and Global Concerns (NY), and co-author of Our Moment of Choice

“Earth is a living planet. At the current rate of destruction, we will soon minimize the life cycle of Earth and its people. Hence, Design for a Living Planet can be taken as a hub for the wheel of holistic life. The Earth Constitution has been mooted by Dr. Martin; it is now for us to implement it without any apprehension, whatsoever. Moreover, the War Pentagon should mandatorily be replaced with the Peace Pentagon.”

~   Colonel Tejendra Pal Tyagi, Veer Chakra, Executive President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association in India, and National President of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha in India (National Vanguard of     ex-servicemen and patriotic citizens)

The Earth Constitution Solution has the potential to become a classic, as it proclaims the ‘Big Idea’ using academic theory and practice at the highest level of excellence and thoroughness. In arguing for the Earth Constitution, Professor Martin’s logic rivals the famous Federalist Papers, drafted to gain support for the U.S. Constitution. There’s plenty here for intellectuals, the average citizen, save-the-world activists, and politicians from around the world.”

~   Roger Kotila, Ph.D., President of the Democratic World Federalists, Board Member at the Center for U.N. Constitutional Research (CUNCR Brussels), and Editor of Earth Federation News & Views

“La Constitución para la Federación de la Tierra es un instrumento concreto para acercarse a una utopía alcanzable, y Design for a Living Planet es una guía necesaria para cualquiera que crea que hay un hermoso futuro para la humanidad. Para aquellos apasionados por la paz mundial, la justicia, la equidad planetaria y la sostenibilidad ambiental, el Dr. Martin presenta una solución holística en un lenguaje accesible para todos.”

~   Leopoldo A. Cook, Board Member of the Earth Constitution Institute and Vice President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association in Latin America and the Caribbean

“Many great thinkers throughout history have argued that only a democratically elected global government – complete with a Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the other structures necessary to make it effective – can solve humanity’s most pressing problems and ensure global peace and prosperity.  Glen T. Martin is a superb spokesperson for these ideas, and their philosophical, scientific and moral foundation.”

~   Bob Flax, Ph.D., Executive Director of Citizens for Global Solutions

     and professor of Transformative Social Change at Saybrook University    

“Dr. Martin conveys a great message: If thinkers, philosophers, and activists work with sincerity, honesty, commitment, and LOVE for all humanity, a new human civilization is possible. The Earth Constitution should be studied by universities around the world so that coming generations will be empowered to build a cooperative economy and justice-centered, global political system.”

~   E. P. Menon, Board Member of the Earth Constitution Institute, global peace activist, and author of Foot Prints on Friendly Roads, which chronicles his 8,000 mile “peace walk” around the world

“Glen Martin delivers practical, intelligent, and comprehensive arguments for the adoption of the Earth Constitution. His Design for a Living Planet deserves to be number one on the reading list of anyone concerned with the freedom and well-being of humanity.”

~   Eugenia Almand, Secretary General of the World Constitution and Parliament Association

“Carl Jung said the way to wholeness is comprised of inevitable detours and even wrong turnings but a snake-like path that ultimately unites opposites. I think the journey to an Earth Constitution will be much the same. Let the conversation begin!”

~   Kurt Johnson, Ph.D., Founder of the Interspiritual Network, co-host of The Convergence series on Voice America, and author of Fine Lines,   The Coming Interspiritual Age, and Our Moment of Choice

“Glen Martin’s The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet is a hopeful vision that is a deeply inspiring, precise roadmap for a better future. This new work by Martin is an excellent must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our planet.”

~    H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum, World peace and planetary sustainability activist and Founder of the McCollum Foundation for Peace 

“Martin’s Design for a Living Planet is a compendium of the most advanced thinking concerning sustainable economics, ecological sanity, a holistic world-view, and ‘planetary consciousness.’ As human beings we must become humane beings, motivated by compassion and imagination as well as by reason. … [T]he legal and humane wisdom of the Earth Constitution can lead us to a world without war, where cultures can flourish and nations continue, but in which sovereignty is exchanged for a transnational security that preserves the peace, prosperity, and environmental health of all life-forms on Earth.”

~   Richard D. Sharp, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus in Literature at

     Catholic University and Fulbright Fellow to India

“The Earth Constitution – like the Magna Carta, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – provides a framework for peaceful and just human interaction. Transcending those historic legal documents, the Earth Constitution explains how we, as world citizens, can sustainably interact with Earth and begin to govern our world as one human family. In his latest book, Dr. Martin presents clear and compelling arguments for humanity to immediately engage this paradigm shift in law and politics.

~   David Gallup, Esq., President of World Service Authority and Convener of the World Court of Human Rights Coalition


  FOREWORD by Ellen H. Brown, J.D.



Cosmic Evolution and Living Design

  • Design and Dimensions of Sustainability
  • Mind and Cosmic Holism
  • Our Human Existential Situation
  • Emergence of Cosmic Consciousness and the Earth Federation Movement
  • World Systems and Life-Promoting Designs
  • Providing Earth with a Brain


Paradigm Shift: From Fragmentation to Holism

  • Ecology and the Science of Sustainability
  • Axial Period and the Emergence of Democracy
  • Age of Newtonian Physics and Philosophy
  • Paradigm Shift of the Twenty-First Century


Political Collapse: The Advent of Evolutionary Social Science

3.1   The Twisted Logic of the Nation-State System

3.2   The Current World System

3.3   Truth, Love, and Our Common Humanity

3.4   Social Holism: Planetary Democracy and Cooperative Economics


Climate Collapse: The Need for Transformational Ecology

4.1   Computer Modeling of Possible Futures

4.2   Looking into the Abyss

4.3   The Role of Resistance and Struggle

4.4   Is Civilization Beginning to Falter?

4.5   The Stark Realities of Climate Change

4.6   The Coming Uninhabitable Earth

4.7   A Common Consensus?


Sustainable Economics: The Need for Transformative Business Models

5.1   Growth Fetish vs. the Reality of a Finite Planet

5.2   Can Economics Put People and Planet First?

5.3   Calculating the Value of Human Life

5.4   Will the Third Industrial Revolution Abolish Capitalism?

5.5   A Green New Deal for All

5.6   Capitalism vs. the Environment

5.7   What Should Be Included in a Cost-Benefit Analysis?

5.8   Economics and Conscious Evolution


The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals: Trapped in a Modernist Ideology

6.1   The Colonizing of Our Consciousness

6.2   Everyone Pretends to See the Emperor’s New Clothes

6.3   Context for the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

6.4   The Earth Constitution Solution

6.5   Getting Serious About Sustainability


Design Features of the Earth Constitution

7.1   The Earth Constitution as Sustainable Planetary Design

7.2   Vision Behind the Earth Constitution as a Whole

7.3   Drafting Process for the Earth Constitution

7.4   Design Features of the Earth Constitution for Establishing a Sustainable Future

7.4.1    A Founded World Society

7.4.2    A Holistic World System

7.4 3    Focus on Global Problems and Crises Beyond the Scope of Nation-States

7.4.4    Explicit Focus on Sustainability

7.4.5    Focus on Integrating the Diversity of Humanity

7.4.6    Recognizes the People of Earth as Sovereign

7.4.7    Democratic, Cooperative, and Collaborative Structure

7.4.8    Establishes Planetary Public Banking

7.4.9    Establishes Debt-Free Money Creation

7.4.10  A Networked System to Monitor Planetary Health

7.4.11  Bills of Rights with Environmental Sustainability Rights

7.4.12  Design to Progressively Minimize Levels of Conflict

7.4.13  A Living Document Mandating Periodic Reexamination and Modification

7.4.14 The “Council of Elders”

7.4.15 Simple Ratification Process

7.4.16 Earth Federation Already Has Begun!

7.4.17 Current Projects under Authority of Article 19



8.1   Five Dimensions of Sustainability

8.2   The United Nations AND the Earth Constitution?

8.3   The Gaia Principle and the Golden Rule

8.4   Practical Utopia as Eminently Practical


Earth Constitution Mandala

Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth Constitution

Constitution for the Federation of Earth





global democracy and human self transcendenceGlobal Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence:  The Power of the Future for Planetary Transformation

Cambridge Scholars Press, 2018.


    Or directly from Cambridge Scholars Publishing         ISBN-13:978-1-5275-1165-1;   ISBN-10:1-5275-1165-0

      Date of Publication:01/08/2018, 321 pages


This volume examines the dynamics of self-transcendence for both individuals and humanity as a whole. In doing so, it illuminates the definitive relationship between self-transcendence and global democracy. Drawing upon a vast literature of philosophy, psychology, and religion, ancient and modern, East and West, this book reveals the power of human futurity in actualizing our higher potential. It represents a real breakthrough in understanding our emerging new era in the evolution of humanity. It describes our transition from personal consciousness to global consciousness.

The book includes chapters on the fundamental ideas that animate our self-understanding and define our common humanity. Through careful scholarship, it examines the dynamics of human dignity, freedom, love, community, intrinsic rights, and global ethics. It explores each of these concepts as a dimension of our human temporality as we envision and move into an ever-transcending future, a future that includes a World Parliament and planetary democracy.

In our time of apparent hopelessness and despair, this volume reveals the grounds for a powerful hope that we can establish one world civilization of peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability. It makes a truly unique contribution, not found elsewhere in today’s literature, revealing the astonishing dignity and potential of being human. It is essential reading for all those concerned for the future of humanity and our precious planet Earth.



Holistic Planetary Transformation through a Global Social Contract

Institute for Economic Democracy Press, 2016


or  Directly from IED press at

Pub date: 2016
Institute for Economic Democracy Press
372 pages • 6×9 • Index / Bibliography
Paperback: 9781933567501 ($21.00)
E-Book: 9781933567518 ($7.00)

From a Review: “Each of us wants to pursue lives blessed by reason, love, and hope—but can this really be possible on a disordered and violent planet such as ours? In his latest masterwork, Dr. Glen T. Martin shows why our predicament urgently requires the creation of a global social contract that can only be adopted through a profound philosophic shift to holism—the same evolutionary holism that has swept all of the world’s sciences.

“He explains why this new holism, if applied to global governance, would require a world federation under enforceable global law. Humanity can never flourish, Martin argues, unless we build a well-governed world that leaves behind our fragmented system of self-interested nation-states and global corporations bent on profit. In establishing his argument, Dr. Martin mines the thought of the world’s leading philosophers and social theorists to create an unprecedented synthesis—one that goes far beyond his previous books such as Millennium Dawn and Triumph of Civilization to reveal the way forward on the basis of a united planet with immense possibilities for a future global renaissance.”


  • Introduction to The Constitution for the Federation of the Earth. Institute for Economic Democracy Press.

This small version is called “the Pocket Constitution.”  The Introduction emphasizes the holism of civilization and the ways in which the Constitution creates a peace system, justice system, and sustainability system for the Earth.     


  • The Anatomy of a Sustainable World. Our Choice between Climate Change and System Change: And How You Can Make a Difference.

    Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, September 2013.  This book examines the roots and the deadly consequences of our current unsustainable civilization as manifested in its war-system, nation-state system, and global economic system. It also illuminates the concrete steps that we can take to transform civilization to sustainable principles. It presents the specific political and economic steps we can take to make sustainability a reality. Includes the Earth Constitution as an appendix.


  • The Earth Federation Movement: Founding a Social Contract for the People of Earth. History, Vision, Documents

Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, May 2011 (252 pages).

This book lays out the foundations of the Earth Federation Movement in terms of its history and its philosophical grounding that includes sections on “ethical holism,” “democratic holism,” and “political holism.”  It includes eleven documents from the movement that illustrate these principles and several appendices with supplementary information.


  • Una Constitución para la Federación de la Tierra y El Manifiesto de la Federación de la Tierra by Glen T. Martin, various translators.

My 2003 work, The Manifesto of the Earth Federation, has been translated into Spanish by Dr. Eugenia Almand, edited by Dr. Rita Martin, and published in a separate volume with a Spanish translation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, September 2011 (156 pages). 


  • Triumph of Civilization – Democracy, Nonviolence, and the Piloting of Spaceship Earth  

Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, January 2010 (406 pages).

This book examines the concept of democracy and the related concept of nonviolence in the light of the global crises we face at the dawn of the 21st century.  It develops a deeper understanding of democracy that is inherently nonviolent and fundamentally holistic. It argues that the way out of our current set of interdependent crises and systemic violence is to establish an Earth Federation through actualizing, under a world constitution, the three most fundamental features of authentic democracy: positive freedom, reasonable economic equality, and a global community premised on the many “human universals” that we all share, as well as the common good of the Earth and future generations.


  • The Constitution for the Federation of Earth: With Historical Introduction, Commentary, and Conclusion

Pamplin, VA, Institute for Economic Democracy Press, 2010 (200 pages).

This book represents the first time the Constitution for the Federation of Earth has been appeared in print from an official press with its own ISBN number.   The Constitution was developed by a drafting committee of 25 persons with feedback from hundreds of world citizens over a period of 33 years from 1968 to 1991.  This premiere edition, includes a substantive historical introduction situating the Earth Constitution within the world federalist movement of the past 80 years, an extensive commentary on the Constitution that explains the significance of its 19 articles one by one, and a conclusion that discusses the larger meaning of the Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement that promotes it. The book includes bibliography and index as well as a number of appendices containing the relevant documents surrounding the Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement.


  • Emerging World Law — Key Documents and Decisions of the Global Constituent Assemblies and the Provisional World Parliament,

    Eugenia Almand and Glen T. Martin, eds., Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, spring 2009 (437 pages).

This book exhibits international law maturing into world law through world constitutional and parliamentary processes. Self-governing democratic processes emerge globally under the direction of world citizens who take initiative, insisting on human dignity, individual accountability, and peaceful world relations. The volume presents the Constitution for the Federation of Earth as well as the memorials, resolutions, and legislative summaries of the Provisional World Parliament during its first ten sessions, 1982 to 2007. Dr. Terence Amerasinghe recounts the 50 year history of the World Constituent Assemblies and the Provisional World Parliament. Dr. Almand clarifies interpretations of the democratic and non-military Constitution, showing why no amendments are needed before the nations and people of Earth ratify the Constitution. Dr. Martin analyses the problem of origins and legitimacy of emerging world law, showing the difficulties and dynamics of transforming presently outmoded international institutions in the direction of a genuine global democracy.


  • Ascent to Freedom: The Philosophical Foundations of Democratic World Law

Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, January 2008 (500 pages).

This book lays out both the practical and conceptual foundations for a transformed world order – responding directly to our multiple global crises through the holistic approach of bringing genuinely democratic world law to the Earth. It develops a philosophical framework for democratic world law by drawing on the scientific revolutions of the twentieth century, the history of democratic thought, and contemporary discussions of human rights. It traces the history of the philosophy of law from ancient times to the present, showing the progressive development of democratic thought that culminates in the imperative for global democracy. It concludes by developing the parameters of a conversion to democratic world law for protecting the environment and human rights as well as creating a transformed world system of peace and prosperity for everyone on Earth.


  • World Revolution Through World Law – Basic Documents of the Emerging Earth Federation 

Edited, with an Introduction and Other Writings by Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA:    Institute for Economic Democracy Press, November 2005 (278 pages).

This book includes the most fundamental documents of the emerging earth federation such as the Declaration of the Rights of Peoples, the Manifesto of the Earth Federation, and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  It also includes an introduction, a commentary on the Earth Constitution, and several other essays by Glen T. Martin.


  • Century Twenty-One: Humanity at the Crossroads — The Manifesto of the Earth Federation

Revised edition, with official ratification at the Seventh Provisional World Parliament, published by the Institute on World Problems, Radford, Virginia, Spring 2004 (42 pages).

This booklet analyses the fundamental problems facing humanity worldwide: poverty, lack of education, disease, environmental breakdown, diminishing resources, militarism, etc., and addresses the economic and political changes most basic for transforming the world disorder into a world order characterized by peace, justice, sustainability, and prosperity. It has been translated into Spanish and republished with the Earth Constitution in 2011.


  • Millennium Dawn: The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation

Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, April 2005 (430 pages).

This book synthesizes a transformative social-political-economic philosophy with a philosophy of human spiritual and intellectual maturity and develops practical suggestions for realizing a transformed world order in terms of the ethical, spiritual, and eschatological dimensions demanding such transformation. It advocates a transformative modality of critical theory, compassion, and nonviolence and offers an interpretation of human spirituality that unites the core values of the various religious traditions from around the world.


  •  From Nietzsche to Wittgenstein: The Problem of Truth and Nihilism in the Modern World

New York: Peter Lang Publisher, 1989 (401 pages).

This book offers comprehensive interpretations of both Nietzsche and Wittgenstein and draws on the mystical traditions (especially Buddhist thought in relation to Wittgenstein) to address the problem of truth and value in the modern world. It attempts to show that the Wittgensteinian project of seeing clearly the limits of language can serve as a compelling answer to Nietzsche’s diagnosis that we are facing crisis of nihilism (values) in the modern world.