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on October 19, 2015
ONE WORLD RENAISSANCE is truly a monumental work. Holism, he explains, is the culmination of the 20th Century’s “systems revolution” where the “science of everything” is that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and “everything is related to everything else.” The modern world is fragmented and the system of sovereign nations (as presently exists) is injurious to human well-being and the planetary welfare. Holism applied in many fields informs us that “the Federation solution” is the answer to our many modern problems. The Federation is no novel thing for the readers of Dr. Glen T. Martin.
      Dr. Martin is an accomplished Philosophy Professor and teacher at Radford University. His books in defense of the “new world view” get better and better! Especially impressive to me is his relating of Article 28 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states:” Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.” (Article 28, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights) Martin writes: “The present world order of global capitalism and sovereign nation-states institutionally defeats the entire set of human rights precisely because it does not actualize the holistic world peace system that makes their actualization possible. The very existence of these global institutions violates Article 28.” p.115.
          The one world renaissance specifically involves the implementation of the world constitution called “the Constitution for the Federation of Earth” through the process of ratification at the local, state, and national levels. It is something we MUST do soon because time is running out! The celebrated leader of the Earth Federation Movement (Dr. Martin is the President of the World Constitution & Parliament Association) makes the case for the Earth Constitution and the Federation of Earth Government as the “Global Social Contract” we ought all to embrace. This Book has the full text of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in Appendix A.
          I encourage all students of history, philosophy, political science, economics, but especially those “pioneers” of the Earth Federation Movement who are rallying the people of Earth to support and ratify the Earth Constitution , and especially our “soul mates” (in the greater World Federalist Movement) – – we should ALL read and study “One World Renaissance: The New Transformative Holism and our Global Social Contract” by Glen T. Martin.

From Scott Jefferson Starquester Author of the unpublished “Psalms of Starquester” and the unpublished “Odes of Starquester” Delegate signer of the Earth Constitution in 1991 in Troia, Portugal. (It was the adventure of a lifetime and, yes. I WAS sponsored) Author of the unpublished “Future of the End of the World” and the unpublished Essay “The Folly of the Mystical Experience: Hope in a Nuclear Age.” Formulator of “the Facts of Modern Political Theory and International Relations and the Factors of “Federnomics.”
One World Renaissance is not just any book, it’s about an inspired revolution now emerging that could end the global war system
on December 4, 2015
The importance of ONE WORLD RENAISSANCE is, in part, because of its author, Professor Glen T. Martin, with whom I have had the privilege of working with in the international peace, human rights, and environmental movement. Dr. Martin’s intellectual credentials are superb, and his activist credentials are even better. He is the leader of an emerging Earth Federation Movement. He takes the insights from philosophy and other fields of study and applies it to real life. That’s why ONE WORLD RENAISSANCE is not just any book, it is a book about revolution — but not just any kind of revolution.
          The author adds a spiritual element to his revolutionary reasoning — adding “God” and “love” to the chemistry of what he has described as the most important “social contract” ever written: THE CONSTITUTION FOR THE FEDERATION OF EARTH. It is here where the intellectual community, concerned citizens, and activists come together. The Earth Federation Movement aims to replace the failed United Nations Charter with what is now known as the “EARTH CONSTITUTION”. The public is largely unaware that there is a practical solution to the nightmare of perpetual war, terrorism, nuclear weapons, and climate change. Martin’s book explains the “why” and the “how” to achieve a new unified world we can trust and believe in.
This book is DEEP!
on December 4, 2015
What is the one world renaissance? Well, it is not unlike the renaissance of the 12th century, or the renaissance of the 14th – 17th century. The one world renaissance is the renaissance of the 21st century. A holistic planetary transformation through a global social contract. If you care for the future of humanity, the environment, philosophy, social economics, or the rule of law, than this book is for you. Dr. Glen T. Martin’s wealth of knowledge transcends the mundane daily survival mode in which most of us operate, and his book blasts readers into higher levels of consciousness! A higher level of consciousness, is what it takes to save the world we are all conscious within.
          You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can judge it by its author…. when [Dr. Martin] writes about a holistic planetary transformation, he knows what such an outcome entails, from real life experiences. “Martin has received several international awards, including the “World Peace Award” from the Office of the World Peace Envoy in Bangkok, Thailand, 2008 and the Gusi International Peace Prize in Manila, Philippines, 2013. He has also been nominated for the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award”. Dr. Glen T. Martin cares deeply about the other-than conscious equality connecting all life, and to sense such compassion READ THIS BOOK, please. ITS AMAZING!
A stellar contribution to connecting all people – to the planet and each other!
on December 9, 2015
“From Kant to Camus … Marx to Moltmann … Hegel to Harris … and Gandhi to Einstein, Professor Martin proves that a Federated Earth is the wise and only practical answer to our worldwide problems. He begins his argument with the new science of Holism: the emerging systems-view of the Universe which has supplanted the reductionist model of the last paradigm. This new era of Holism – what we at The Oracle Institute call the “Fifth Spiritual Paradigm” – is based on Truth (the interrelatedness of all life), Love (the akashic attractor within the cosmos), and Light (our conscious evolutionary trajectory). Truly, it is only a matter of time before the dinosaurs of the Fourth Spiritual Paradigm – patriarchal religions, capitalism, fiat currency, unaccountable nation-states, and the military and prison conglomerates – are replaced with the cooperative models of human community and governance embodied in the Earth Constitution.”
This book gives extraordinary examples of great thinkers, throughout the ages
on December 10, 2015
Dr. Glen T. Martin’s book leads us on a Holistic adventure into the Paradigm shift of our global society to Holism. This book gives extraordinary examples of great thinkers, throughout the ages, leading us to a peaceful and sustainable unity. It is to be digested slowly with great reverence towards mankind and its future.

He clearly shows us the partnership of love and reason connecting us to Holism. Consciousness today surpasses duality in the realization that we are one population striving for the same goals. Dr. Martin has exhibited, once again, his amazing humanitarian approach to life on this planet.

Glen’s dedication to tireless work in helping promote a World Wide Government Organization, at this time, speaks volumes . It is a testament of his character and to the earth’s need for united transformation. I strongly recommend his latest book to the reader.