Courses and Training

The Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) in the USA and the Earth Federation Institute (EFI) in India will be offering courses and training concerning the Earth Constitution and the global work of WCPA. A 4 hour introductory session is outlined on this page. Full courses and certificates will be offered soon on the ECI and EFI websites.


(Introductory training session in 4 one-hour segments)

Conducted by WCPA President, Dr. Glen T. Martin

Part One (hour one):  June 24th 2022, 3-5 PM Uganda Time


  1. A brief history of the earth federation movement
  2. The origins of WCPA and creation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth
  3. Creation of the United Nations and why it has failed to end war, protect human rights, or protect our planetary environment
  4. How the Earth Constitution replaces the UN system with real democratic government that ends war, protects universal human rights, and protects our global environment

Materials for Part One:

Brief History of World Federalism, Development of the Earth Constitution, Contrast with the UN

Part Two (hour two)

  1. Values within the Earth Constitution
  2. Ten WCPA values
  3. Article 12
  4. Article 13
  5. Comparison with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  6. The Earth Constitution gives “3rd generation rights” not found in the UN Declaration

Part Three (hour three):  June 25th, 2022, 3-5 PM Uganda Time

  1. Structure and function in the Earth Constitution
  2. The World Parliament
  3. The House of Peoples
  4. The House of Nations
  5. The House of Counselors
  6. The 4 main branches of government under the World Parliament
  7. The World Judiciary
  8. The World Attorney Generals and World Police
  9. The World Ombudsmus
  10. The World Executive and World Administration

The Integrative Complex

Part Four (hour four)

  1. The five-step protocol for establishing the Earth Federation found in Articles 17-19
  2. Article 19 on Provisional World Government
  3. The Provisional World Parliament
  4. Today: development of 1000 World Districts and secure online voting