Earth Federation Institute

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 The Institute on World Problems (IOWP) was founded in 2003 as a tax-deductible non-profit organization in the USA. Since that time IOWP has held seminars and educational sessions in many countries around the world, promoting the study of world problems in relation to their integrated solution under the Earth Constitution.  The IOWP itself replaced the Graduate School of World Problems created by WCPA leaders in 1995. IOWP’s name was changed in 2019 to the “Earth Federation ” to better reflect our work on behalf of global democracy and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The web page of EFI is   The Institute works with the World Constitution and Parliament Association and together they sponsor the World Parliament University (WPU) on-line. Below is the official mission statement for EFI:

 Mission of the Earth Federation Institute

 The Earth Federation Institute is a dynamic, not for profit, educational institution and think tank devoted to creating a world order of peace, justice, and freedom on our precious planet Earth. Faculty and students associated with the Institute are dedicated to examining world problems in depth from comprehensive and holistic perspective. The Earth Federation Institute (EFI) is a 501C3 organization registered in Virginia in the US which accepts tax-deductible donations for its work.

We emphasize integrated solutions to global problems through the elaboration of world law and a world parliament. We share a common vision of a world of peace, justice, and freedom within democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

 Faculty and students study the entire range of global problems exceeding the capacities of nation-states, such as:

• The problem of global militarism and terrorism.
• The problems of global poverty, social chaos, and lawlessness.
• The problem of worldwide human rights abuses and violations of human   dignity.
• The problem of population explosion.
• The multifaceted problem of global environmental degradation: world water resources, loss of agricultural lands, climate change system, deforestation, depletion of fisheries, environmental pollution, ozone depletion, and so on.
• The problem of maximizing human moral and spiritual growth toward the creation of a world-centric human population capable of participating within a functioning global democracy.

 Our Institute studies these and related issues in depth in an effort to understand their interdependency and in what ways they can be addressed through the elaboration of world law. We train people to understand these problems deeply and how they can be addressed through democratic processes and global government. We study, and further the progress of, intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth and development for individuals, societies, and the whole of humanity.

 The EFI promotes study, distribution, and translation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. We examine the history of its development by world citizens during four decades of the 20th century. We study its organizational functions, articles on human rights and duties, parliamentary structures, division of governmental functions and powers, and its integrated solutions to the world problems faced by humankind. We support on-going sessions of the Provisional World Parliament that has met 14 times since 1982. In connection with this educational process, we teach leadership skills for the emerging Earth Federation. We study, and assist in the development of, quality systems of governance, judicial processes, and administrative practices, as well as emphasize the integration between local and global systems.

 As part of this mission, the EFI encourages the enhancement of world communication among cultures, nations, and individuals through networking among similar-minded global organizations. We promote understanding and cooperative business relations among the peoples, religions, nations, and races of the world. We produce translations of important documents related to the elaboration of world law. We encourage multi-linguistic competence, including of literacy in Esperanto, and the teaching of English or other languages as a second language.

 The Earth Federation Institute also serves as a focal point of information and communications among organizations and individuals working for a better world through democratic world government. We support networking and cooperative business relations among the several world government organizations. We support such movements as people registering themselves as world citizens and organizing assemblies of world citizens. We support people and students around the world who organize model world parliaments, or conferences for the promotion of Esperanto, or citizen assemblies on the environment, population, the rights of women, world district cooperatives, and the problem of militarism.

 The EFI designs, offers and conducts non-degree courses in a variety of subjects. We promote respect for good self-government within constitutional limits at all levels of human society. We promote full faith and credit to participatory democratic government. We encourage and participate in the process of impartial public and private electoral observations within proper frameworks to assure fairness and integrity in world electoral processes. The Earth Federation Institute holds conferences, seminars, parliaments, and other meetings in many countries around the world in the promotion of its work for a world of peace, justice, and freedom within a healthy planetary environment.