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 The Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) was formerly known as the Institute on World Problems (IOWP). The IOWP was founded in 2003 as a tax-deductible non-profit organization in the USA. Since that time IOWP has held seminars and educational sessions in many countries around the world, promoting the study of world problems in relation to their integrated solution under the Earth Constitution.  The IOWP itself replaced the Graduate School of World Problems created by World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) leaders in 1995. IOWP’s name was changed in 2019 to the “Earth Constitution ” to better reflect our work on behalf of global democracy and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The web site for ECI is: 

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The Institute works with the World Constitution and Parliament Association and together they sponsor the World Parliament University (WPU) on-line. Below is the official mission statement for ECI:

 Mission of the Earth Constitution Institute

 The Earth Constitution Institute is a dynamic, not for profit, educational institution and think tank devoted to creating a world order of peace, justice, and freedom on our precious planet Earth. Faculty and students associated with the Institute are dedicated to examining world problems in depth from comprehensive and holistic perspective. The Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) is a 501C3 organization registered in Virginia in the US which accepts tax-deductible donations for its work.

We emphasize integrated solutions to global problems through the elaboration of world law and a world parliament. We share a common vision of a world of peace, justice, and freedom within democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

 Faculty and students study the entire range of global problems exceeding the capacities of nation-states, such as:

• The problem of global militarism and terrorism.
• The problems of global poverty, social chaos, and lawlessness.
• The problem of worldwide human rights abuses and violations of human   dignity.
• The problem of population explosion.
• The multifaceted problem of global environmental degradation: world water resources, loss of agricultural lands, climate change system, deforestation, depletion of fisheries, environmental pollution, ozone depletion, and so on.
• The problem of maximizing human moral and spiritual growth toward the creation of a world-centric human population capable of participating within a functioning global democracy.

 Our Institute studies these and related issues in depth in an effort to understand their interdependency and in what ways they can be addressed through the elaboration of world law. We train people to understand these problems deeply and how they can be addressed through democratic processes and global government. We study, and further the progress of, intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth and development for individuals, societies, and the whole of humanity.

 The ECI promotes study, distribution, and translation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. We examine the history of its development by world citizens during four decades of the 20th century. We study its organizational functions, articles on human rights and duties, parliamentary structures, division of governmental functions and powers, and its integrated solutions to the world problems faced by humankind. We support on-going sessions of the Provisional World Parliament that has met 14 times since 1982. In connection with this educational process, we teach leadership skills for the emerging Earth Federation. We study, and assist in the development of, quality systems of governance, judicial processes, and administrative practices, as well as emphasize the integration between local and global systems.

 As part of this mission, the ECI encourages the enhancement of world communication among cultures, nations, and individuals through networking among similar-minded global organizations. We promote understanding and cooperative business relations among the peoples, religions, nations, and races of the world. We produce translations of important documents related to the elaboration of world law. We encourage multi-linguistic competence, including of literacy in Esperanto, and the teaching of English or other languages as a second language.

 The Earth Constitution Institute also serves as a focal point of information and communications among organizations and individuals working for a better world through democratic world government. We support networking and cooperative business relations among the several world government organizations. We support such movements as people registering themselves as world citizens and organizing assemblies of world citizens. We support people and students around the world who organize model world parliaments, or conferences for the promotion of Esperanto, or citizen assemblies on the environment, population, the rights of women, world district cooperatives, and the problem of militarism.

 The ECI designs, offers and conducts non-degree courses in a variety of subjects. We promote respect for good self-government within constitutional limits at all levels of human society. We promote full faith and credit to participatory democratic government. We encourage and participate in the process of impartial public and private electoral observations within proper frameworks to assure fairness and integrity in world electoral processes. The Earth Constitution Institute holds conferences, seminars, parliaments, and other meetings in many countries around the world in the promotion of its work for a world of peace, justice, and freedom within a healthy planetary environment.

Some On-going Projects and Scheduled Events
for ECI and WCPA:

The World Constitution & Parliament Association (WCPA) 


The 2021 Session of the


LOCATION: New Delhi, India

December 10-12, 2021 Opens on Human Rights Day: to register:

The Provisional World Parliament (PWP) is an international body that meets under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Even prior to ratification under Article 17, the People of Earth are empowered by the Earth Constitution to begin Provisional World Government. See

This  Session of the Provisional World Parliament is an historic event bringing humanity a giant step closer to global democracy, peace, justice, and sustainability.

Representatives of countries, NGOs, and advocacy groups are welcome to attend as either Delegates or Observers. Delegates must be personal signatories to the Earth Constitution and represent a constituency, nation, or embassy. They also may be elected from the World Electoral District in which they reside. Observers are not signatories to the Constitution but rather interested parties. They are welcome to register as observers and participate as moderated by the Chairperson of the PWP.

The Committee for Legislative Review is calling for World Legislative Proposals (or amendments to existing World Legislative Acts). From now through October 1, 2021, Delegates are welcome to propose legislation through this committee. All legislative proposals to the PWP must:

  • Conform to the spirit and letter of the Earth Constitution.
  • Not duplicate existing World Legislative Acts in whole or in part.
  • Be written in the appropriate language of legislative drafting.
  • Receive approval from the Committee for Legislative Review to be considered.

Agenda:  Day 1, opening Gala Celebrations, Day 2, Parliament convenes to consider proposed World Legislative Acts.  Day 3, presentations by delegates to the Parliament.

For more information contact Dr. Glen T. Martin:



Announcement 2016: 

The World Constitution and Parliament Association is very proud to announce Dr. Klaus Schlichtmann, internationally recognized world federalist and peace historian, as Distinguished Advisor for WCPA.


Dr. Klaus Schlichtmann, Peace Historian

WCPA is also proud to announce the commencement of a Venezuela Chapter in association with the PROUT movement in Venezuela.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association is also very proud to announce Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi as an honored member of its Worldwide Executive Council and Vice-President for WCPA. Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi is a prominent international lawyer from Malaysia and Chair of the International Women Lawyers’ Committee against Human Trafficking. She sponsored and attended the 11th session of the Provisional World Parliament in Nainital, India, and the 12th session of the Parliament in Kolkata, India, lending her considerable legal expertise to the discussion of proposed world legislative acts. We are delighted that Ms. Devi has also agreed to serve as a sponsor and promoter for the 13th session of the Parliament that will took place in Lucknow 14-16 December 2013.

Madam Saraswathy Devi, Malaysia, Glen T. Martin, and Mrs. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Nigeria

You can donate to ECI and WCPA through Paypal.


1. The project for the development of the first ever permanent bench of the World Court System possibly in Costa Rica continues indefinitely.  We are collecting names of supreme court and retired supreme court justices from many countries who become part of the Collegium of World Judges as mandated by the Earth Constitution.  From this group, the initial bench of the World Court for Public Cases will be constituted.  The Bill for activating the Collegium was passed at the 12th session of the Parliament in 2013:

Bill for initiating the Collegium of World Judges.

A number of WCPA members from India had just come from the World Judiciary Summit in Lucknow, India (December 10-14, 2010) sponsored by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and the City Montessori School at Lucknow. At the summit, that, like the Kolkata events, included many prominent peace activists and Supreme Court justices from around the world, all participants were given a copy of Constitution for the Federation of Earth – With Historical Introduction, Commentary, and Conclusion by Glen T. Martin. The justices formulated resolutions advocating the creation of a world parliament as the first step toward world peace and a transformed world system.

The bill introduced into the Parliament in Kolkata, written in cooperation with CMS leaders at the World Judiciary Summit, activated the Collegium of Judges that is called for by the Earth Constitution. The Constitution provides for the creation of a Collegium of Judges, between 20 and 60 in number, from which will be staffed the eight benches of the World Supreme court.

Article 19 of the Earth Constitution sanctions the development of Provisional World Government until such time as the final world government is activated through ratification of the Earth Constitution. The Provisional World Parliament operates under Article 19. This bill would add a second agency of Provisional World Government through creation of a Provisional World Supreme Court System. This court already has ample provisional world criminal law and other statutes to guide its operations as passed by the PWP since the first session in 1982 as well as the framework of the Earth Constitution itself.

Qualification to the Collegium of World Judges requires a judge be retired from the Supreme Court of any nation on Earth who voluntarily wishes to participate in the Collegium and ratifies the Earth Constitution. The Collegium under the Constitution appoints its own members to the Supreme Court system. Retired Supreme Court Justices from all nations are invited to join the Collegium, which operates according to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. An entire new branch of Provisional World Government was therefore enacted at Kolkata. This alone would have justified the time and expense of organizing this session of Parliament.

2.  At the 14th session of the Provisional World Parliament meeting in Kolkata 27-29 December 2015, two World Legislative Acts were passed that set up a process for merging the UN with the Earth Federation.  (World Legislative Acts 64 and 65).   During 2016 we will be printing up these acts and widely distributing them to relevant parties including all UN agencies.

3.  Project of printing the “Merging the UN” legislative acts into a bound volume with the Earth Constitution and sending it to the heads of all UN agencies, thus making them aware that there is an opportunity for the UN to really accomplish its goal of world peace and sustainability through empowering their work.

4.  Development of WCPA linked Macedonian peace, meditation, and world citizenship center in Skopie, Macedonia, led by WCPA Vice-President, Zaklina Dimovska.

4. Important events:  The 14th session of the Provisional World Parliament was held in Kolkata, India, December 27-31, 2015, led by the WCPA Executive Council.

4.  IOWP/WCPA Executive Council and leadership meeting at Raquette Lake, New York, June 26-30, hosted by Glen T. Martin and Phyllis Turk: report.


           Zaklina Dimovska, Macedonia, front center Riccardo DiDone, Canada, with camera

5. Continuing work with the Global Harmony Association and the developing Institute for Global Harmony (in association with IASE University in Rajasthan, India) with WCPA participation, led by Laj Utrija in cooperation with Glen T. Martin.

6. Development of a WCPA office for northern India in Delhi to complement the south India office in Chennai, headed by Amit Paul in association with Dr. Manoj Srivastava.

At Aligarth Islam University, India. Dr. Manoj in the plaid vest next to our host, Dr Rashid Shaz

7. Work with Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust based in Chennai India and let by Swami S.A.R.P.V. Chaturvedi to promote peace work worldwide.

8. Promote projects in Costa Rica and Togo to get 25,000 actual signatures in petitions to the Parliaments of these countries requesting a national referendum on the Earth Constitution.

9. IOWP website development, legislative agenda development headed by Dr. Eugenia Almand.

10. Continuing development of the Collegium of World Judges, the Honorary Sponsors of the Earth Constitution, and the law school curriculum project, headed by Vice-President Celina Garcia and Dr. Glen T. Martin.

11. Continuing collaboration and mutual work on the Collegium, Sponsors, and Provisional World Parliament development projects, by Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Sarswathy Devi of Malaysia.

12. Continuing development of the relationship between the City Montessori School of Lucknow and WCPA, headed by Dr. Preeti Shankar.

13. Continuing development of the internet mass media recognition project, and WCPA public support project, headed by Ms. Becky Galdo.

14. Continuing development of the World Parliament-Gov website, the Parliament World Headquarters project, and the WCPA-UNPO liaison project, headed by Mr. Peter Graves-Goodman.

15. Continuing development of the Earth Federation News website and project, and the WCPA-DWF coordination project, headed by Dr. Roger Kotila.

16. Continuing of the Latin America alternatives to violence and world law project, headed by Lic. Celina Garcia.

17.  Meetings, Lectures, and distribution of WCPA literature in Spanish during World Peace Week in September 2013, headed by Dr. Glen T. Martin and Lic. Celina Garcia:

Displaying glen3.jpg

18. Continuing development of WCPA Asia and the Tamil Nadu global awareness project, headed by Prof. R. Anantharayanan.

19. Continuing of the Togo Permaculture Projects,
headed by Dr. Dominique Balouki.

20. Continuing development of WCPA chapters in West Africa (Togo and Ghana), headed by Bishop Emmanuel Mensah, Esther Boumbere, Joseph Ekpetchou, and Dr. Dominique Balouki.

21. Continuing development of WCPA South Africa,
headed by Rev.Nomhle Mahlawe.

22.  Continuing development of the WCPA Nepal Chapter,
headed by Mr. ChoodaMani Kadel.

23. Continuing of the universal literature of peace and harmony project, and World Peace Congress movement, headed by Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay. The creation and execution of the large “World Thinkers and Writers Peace Meet” in Kolkata, December 27-31, 2015, headed by Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay and ISISAR.

24. Continuing development of the World Peace Envoy Project, centered in Thailand, headed by Dr. Phichai Tovivich.

25. Continuing of the global youth project and Bangladesh crisis awareness project, and Bangladesh chapter development, headed by Mr. Mahbubul Islam.

26. Continuing the WCPA–Buddhism and leadership liaison project,
Dr. Dauji Gupta.

27. Continuing development of IOWP/WCPA Treasurer’s project,
headed by Ms. Phyllis Turk.

28. Initiation and development of the Provisional World Parliament “Planetary Resource Publications” project, published through the Institute for Economic Democracy Press (, headed by Drs. Eugenia Almand and Glen T. Martin.
These will include the on-going three volume set called Emerging World Law.  They also include a projected volume on Nuclear Weapons and the Provisional World Parliament and another on The Sustainable Future of Humankind: World Governance (the latter written in association with the World Thinkers Panel on the Sustainable Future of Humankind).

29. Global lecture and solidarity tour of a number of WCPA chapters worldwide during December 2013, January 2014, January 15, and January 16, headed by Dr. Glen T. Martin in cooperation with Dr. Manoj Srivastava, Mr. Amit Paul, and Sri E.P. Menon.

Sri E. P. Menon, prominent Gandhian Social Leader, headquartered in Bangalore, India

30.  Global WCPA/IOWP meeting for the 13th Session of the Provisional World Parliament in Lucknow, India, December 14-17, 2013.  This will follow the annual International Conference of Chief Justices of the World at the World Unity Center of the City Montessori School of Lucknow.