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The Institute is a 501 C3 fully tax-deductible organization

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The Institute is interested is sponsoring sustainable projects in developing countries, especially South Asia, Africa, and South America

The Institute on World Problems has changed its name to the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI). The Institute includes a group of scholars, researchers, and students who examine global problems deeply with a view to their interrelatedness and interconnectedness. We address the problems not in an ad hoc crisis by crises manner (the most common approach to world problems) but rather by looking at the systematic causes and consequences of present day institutions. We study and promote integrated and lasting solutions to the deepest problems facing humanity in the early 21st century.

The IOWP (now ECI) is a non-profit and tax deductible organization of dedicated and loving researchers who want to open up a future for the children of the world and establish the possibility of a decent world system for all the citizens of the Earth. We work with like-minded organizations such as the City Montessori School (CMS) of Lucknow, India and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) that sponsors the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and sessions of the Provisional World Parliament.

IOWP research is behind a number of the quality legislative acts and resolutions passed to date in sessions of the Provisional World Parliament. Together these legislative acts and resolutions articulate the vision of an integrated and coherent world system that establishes a decent future for the world’s two billion children. We support the elaboration of an integrated world system designed to address global crises and world problems under the authority of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

IOWP-ECI has a number of projects that cooperate with the WCPA that include research and education directed toward solving world problems. We are developing permaculture projects in Togo, West Africa. Second, we are developing the Collegium of World Judges by helping retired judges envision and articulate the foundations for a world under the auspices of enforceable democratically legislated world law. Third, we support the educational and research functions of the Provisional World Parliament. Fourth, we promote education worldwide concerning global issues and our options with regard to dealing with those issues.

The IOWP (today ECI) was created in 2003 to carry forward the work of the Graduate School of World Problems that was created by the Provisional World Parliament in its first session in 1982. We offer certificates, develop on-line courses through World Parliament University (WPU) and train future leaders within the Earth Federation Movement. We have held seminars in many countries around the world.  A list of these seminars, with photos, is found below. We ask your support for the Institute in our vital work of trying to establish a viable future for humanity and our precious planet Earth.

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World-wide seminars on World-problems and their integrated solution under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

The Graduate School of World Problems was begun in 1982 by an act of the Provisional World Parliament. Continuing its work, the Institute On World Problems was founded in 2003 to provide the initial activation of the Institute On Governmental Procedures and World Problems identified in Article 8, Section D of the Constitution of the Federation of Earth.  The Institute picks up where the Graduate School left off (see the first photo below). The Institute has the educational mission of studying world problems in relation to good government, of promoting sustainable development around the world, of promoting Esperanto as a universal language and English as a second language, and of promoting democratic world law and nonviolent procedures of conflict resolution everywhere on the Earth.

“Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.”

Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes of the Board of Trustees 2004-2013

Seminar Dates and Photos

To date seminars have been held in:

  • Ghana, May-June 2002

  • Lucknow, India, June 2002 

  • Kara, Togo, June 2003  (photos of seminar)

  • Lucknow, India, June-December, 2002 

  • Chennai, India, December 2002

  • South Bangladesh, January 2004

  • Kolkata, India, January 2005

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 2005

  • Kameoka, Japan, January 2005 

  • Tepotzlan, Mexico, May 2005 

  • Lucknow, India, September 2005

  • Erode in Tamil Nadu, South India, September 2005

  • Kalamata, Greece, March 2006

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 2007

  • Toronto, Canada, May 12-13, 2008

  • Chennai, India, June 2008

  • San Jose, Costa Rica, January 2010

  • Zagreb, Croatia, March 2010

  • San Jose, Costa Rica, May 2011

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 2011

  • Chennai, India, June 2011

  • Bangalore, India, June 2011

  • Raquette Lake, NY, USA, July 2011

  • Northern Costa Rica, September 2011

  • Kara, and Lome, Togo, June 2012

  • Zabreb, Croatia, June 2012

  • Skopie, Macedonia, June 2012

  • San Jose and northern Costa Rica, September 2012

  • Delhi, India, December 2012

  • Istanbul, Turkey, December 2012

  • Raquette Lake, NY, June 2013: Report

Some photos of selected seminars

Takoradi, Ghana, June 2002

Kara, Togo, June 2003

South Bangladesh, January 2004

Kameoka, Japan, January 2005

Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 2005

With Members of the Bangladesh World Peace Council

Tepotzlan, Mexico, May 2005

Erode, South India, August 2005

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Judge Weeramantry, former President of the World Court in the Hague, was a guest speaker at this June 2006 seminar in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

At the New Humanity Center, Kalamata, Greece 2007:  myself with Eugenia Almand and Terence Amerasinghe

Toronto, Canada, May 12-13, 2008

Toronto:  Dr. Eugenia Almand showing a photo of the location of the first session of the Provisional World Parliament in Brighton, England.

Chennai, India, June 2008

We call on prominent peace leaders prior to the Seminar.

On the stage waiting for the WCPA Conference and IOWP Seminar to begin.

At the University of Madras, Chennai, India, June 2008.  Even thought the Institute on World Problems has been doing the work of the Graduate School of World Problems since 2003, they are still calling it the “Graduate School of World Problems” here in Chennai.

At the entrance to the University of Madras prior to the
WCPA Conference and IOWP Seminar

Some participants in the Costa Rica seminar in January 2010

Bangalore, India, June 2011

San Carlos, Costa Rica, September 2011

In Costa Rica, with the help of WCPA Vice-President and Director of Fundacion CEPPA, Celina Garcia, we connected with several Alternatives to Violence (ATV) groups in northern Costa Rica helping expand their conception of nonviolence to a global scale.


Croatia, June 2012.  Lecture on World Peace and the Earth Constitution to guests of the European House in Zagreb.

Talk on the Global Environment and the Earth Constitution at the Fair of Eastern Europe in Radovis, Macedonia, June 2012.

With college students in San Carlos, Costa Rica, September 2012

Raquette Lake, NY, June 2013. Ricaardoe Didone uses the camera

as we take turns making presentations on the third day.