England Photos Set 1

The Thames River as it flows through London

This obscenity is everywhere one goes in the world.  Here it happens to be the steps up from the Undergound.

Around the Soho District

The entrance to the British Museum where Karl Marx write Das Kapital

The fence in front of the British Museum

The foyer of the British Museum with the Reading Room in the curved area on the left.

The view from one window of the building where Tom Daffern had his offices.

London Bridge

My wife and daughter as we approach the house were Mahatma Gandhi lived in London’s East End when he was a student.

My daughter contemplates a bust of Gandhi in Gandhi’s room.

Around the Soho District

An historic church near my hotel in the Soho District

Entrance to the Reading Room where Marx wrote Kapital

Looking into the Reading Room through the widow at the back

This 16th century building in the Cotswalds is where our friend Tom Daffern had his offices and lived.   We stayed the night and discussed world peace work with him.

The beautiful English garden near where Tom Daffern’s house.

Tom Daffern works late into the night.  He leads the struggle to preserve sacred spaces around the U.K. and to defend the heirs of the aboriginal people of the U.K whose sacred monuments and places have been appropriated by the dominant society (see England Photos (Set 2)).

England Photos Set 2


Here one can see the size of the circle.  The stones are very ancient and weathered.

My wife contemplates a Rollright Stone

One can see here something of the distance that the Neolithic builders conceived for their sacred task.

Stonehenge is now fenced in to protect it, but these Avebury Stones and the Rollright Stones are simply open for people to walk up to.  Viewing them is a very moving experience.


The Rollright Stones form a large circle.

The other half of the circle.

The huge megaliths are set up over a vast distance.  They are called the Avebury Stones.

One of the larger stones contrasts with the size of my wife and daughter.