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Three Reasons Why it Is Immoral to Serve in the Military of Any Country

Global Ecofeminist Socialism and the Earth Constitution

System Change or Climate Change and No Third Possibility

Human Beings Face Extinction:   We need to act now

 The Empire Strikes Back

Holism and Self-Transcendence Investigating Our Planetary Destiny

Environmental Collapse and the Pending Death of Civilization

The Clueless Left and the Future of Humanity

The World is One Family: Vedic Spiritual Foundations of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth

WCPA participates in an IACL Workshop in South Korea on Developing a World Constitution

Human Freedom and the Earth Constitution

Authentic Global Democracy and the Earth Constitution

The Socialist Imperative and Our Global Social Contract

The Concept of Democracy and Our Global Social Contract

Human Rights and Our Global Social Contract

The Nature and Function of Our Global Social Contract

The Sovereignty of Humanity

WCPA Global Bi-Annual Report

The Deeper Roots of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atrocities

Empire of Chaos meets Global Dracula: Trashing Democracy: What is Our Way Out?

Gandhi’s Satyagraha and the Earth Constitution

Love, Dignity, and Practical Utopia: The Ethical-Eschatological Foundations for System Transformation

Patterns of Thought and Human Survival: Holism vs. Fragmentation

The Global Democracy Manifesto

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Global Schizophrenia

The Ethics of Compassion and Human Liberation

The Presuppositional Status of Democratic World Law and the Holistic Moral Demand for an Earth Constitution

American Violence and the Commonwealth of God