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Book Dr. Martin for Your Event.   Dr. Martin is an esteemed and well-informed academic and professional scholar with a passion for preserving the future of humanity and protecting our precious planet. He is available to present lectures, keynotes, curriculum, and interviews on many topics. While the subject matter is multi-faceted and far-reaching, Dr. Martin’s accessible, warm style conveys complex concepts in a clear manner that leaves his audience inspired and with a deep sense of hope for our collective future.   Signature Talks:   Global War-system vs. a Peace-system. Climate Crisis and the Earth Constitution. Global Justice and the Earth Constitution. Human Rights and Human Dignity. World Systems Theory and World Citizenship. Holism, Hierarchy, and the Earth Constitution. Democratic Theory and Freedom. Economics and Capitalism. Ethics, Morality and Social Contract Theory. Love, Compassion, Kindness and Nonviolence. Human Spirituality, Religion and Mysticism. Western philosophy from Plato to the Present. Education and the Earth Constitution. Educational Principles and the Earth Constitution  
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This is the name and logo for my Podcast Series in which I interview well-known thinkers and activists concerning our world crises and dialogue with them about how we can collectively address these issues. The links for these Podcasts can be found on many social media. I am placing the links here as well.

Join me as I engage other thought leaders to discuss this critical juncture in human history and how we – as a diverse yet cooperative species – are consciously choosing a new paradigm of holism and making collective decisions that move us forward into a better future.   Replacing the UN Charter with the Earth Constitution: With Dr. Roger Kotila, President of the Democratic World Federalists. Empowering Global Solutions: With Dr. Bob Flax, President of Citizens for Global Solutions. Black Lives Matter Everywhere: With Felix Pointer, Board Member of Democratic World Federalists. Spirituality and the Earth Constitution: With Rev. Laura George, J.D., Executive Director of The Oracle Institute & Peace Pentagon HUB. Bringing Diverse Constituencies Together for Social Change: With Vernita Pearl Fort, DWF Board Member & international activist. A Youth Perspective on Our Collective Human Future: With Kalani James Evans, Secretary to the ECI Board. Globalization Studies, Climate Crisis, and Our Common Human Future: With Alexander Chumakov, Professor of Philosophy and Editor of Journal of Globalization Studies, Moscow, Russia.




A Lecture on the UN Sustainable Development Goals versus the Earth Constitution:


Guest appearance on People Powered Podcast with Arthur Kanegis


Brief three minute interview in Kolkata, India about the work of WCPA


5 Key Steps required after the Pandemic

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There has been much discussion about where the world should be going after this global pandemic that we are now facing everywhere on earth. So here is my recent video explaining the 5 Steps Necessary for us to Create a Decent Future on this Planet.

Discussion of the background, creation, and structure of the Earth Constitution and the work of the Oracle Institute with Glen T. Martin and Rev. Laura George