Interviews and Talks

This is the name and logo for my Podcast Series in which I interview well-known thinkers and activists concerning our world crises and dialogue with them about how we can collectively address these issues. The links for these Podcasts can be found on many social media. I am placing the links here as well.
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A Lecture on the UN Sustainable Development Goals versus the Earth Constitution:


Guest appearance on People Powered Podcast with Arthur Kanegis


Brief three minute interview in Kolkata, India about the work of WCPA


5 Key Steps required after the Pandemic

Published by Glen Theron Martin  · sgtAiSeprild pf1Soc7, nhos20ohur2eed0sa  · 

There has been much discussion about where the world should be going after this global pandemic that we are now facing everywhere on earth. So here is my recent video explaining the 5 Steps Necessary for us to Create a Decent Future on this Planet.

Discussion of the background, creation, and structure of the Earth Constitution and the work of the Oracle Institute with Glen T. Martin and Rev. Laura George

Here is a 3 minute video where I talk about my discovery of the Earth Constitution