Legislative Agenda for the 15th Session

Event Brochure and Schedule

Delegates Gather

Chair Declares the Legislative Session officially open

Legislative Programme: Orders of the Day


Formal Appointment of Commissioners


Amendment bill World Legislative Act 4 (WLA04)

* Postgraduate Program in Global Affairs


A Bill for Amendments to World Legislative Act 5

*Requirements for Legal Professionals


Amendment bill WLA 06

*Grassroots Regeneration and Family Planning


Amendment bill WLA 10

*World Energy System Review


Amendments for WLAs 13, 31, and 54

*WLA 13, World Peace Act

*WLA 31, Proposed World District Standards

*WLA 54, Remedies and Corrections


Actualization Protocol

*Resolution: Actualization Protocol for the Earth Federation


WLA 68: Bill for an Act on the Rights of Women

*WLA 68: Statute on the Rights of Women


WLA 72: World District Standards

*World District Standards


WLA 69: Powers of Arrest

*World Federal Powers of Arrest


WLA 70: Civil Asset Forfeiture

*WLA 70: Civil Asset Forfeiture


WLA 71: Direct Democracy Law

*WLA 71: Department of Democratic Procedures


A Bill for a Memorial

*Memorial to the India Government


Previous Notices for PWP 16

*Sets Agenda for the Upcoming Session


Reading and Discussion of New Delhi Declaration


Adjournment of the Parliament