Mission Statement

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Mission of the Earth Federation Institute

Earth Federation Institute(“EFI”) is 501(c)(3) educational charity and Virginia non-profit corporation.

EFI serves as a dynamic think tank devoted to creating a world system of freedom, justice, and peace.  Faculty and students of the Institute examine solutions to world challenges in depth and from a comprehensive and holistic systems perspective.

EFI emphasizes integrating solutions to global problems through the elaboration of world law with a democratic world parliament held to limits under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (Earth Constitution).

The Earth Federation Institute designs, offers and conducts non-degree, not-for-credit courses in a variety of subjects. Specifically, Earth Federation Institute provides training on the Earth Constitution and world legislation so that students subsequently have the necessary knowledge and competence to work in the offices, administrations and civil services of the world districts and other jurisdictions defined in the Earth Constitution and world legislation. Earth Federation Institute maintains a permanent academic record of the non-degree, not-for-credit coursework of EFI students.

EFI faculty and students study a range of global solutions that exceed the capacities of nation-states.

EFI studies world consensus. We train people to address difficult matters through democratic processes, parliamentary procedure and good self-government constrained to constitutional limits. Our goal is to strengthen the intellect, morality, and spirit of individuals, societies, and the whole of humanity.

EFI focuses on the rights and remedies contained in the Earth Constitution. We examine the history of its development by world citizens during four decades of the 20th century. We study its organizational functions, articles on human rights and duties, parliamentary structures, division of governmental functions and powers, and its integrated solutions to the world problems faced by humankind. We report the on-going sessions of the Provisional World Parliament that has met 14 times since 1982. In furtherance of our educational mission, we also teach leadership skills for the emerging Earth Federation and emphasize the integration between local and global systems.

As part of this mission, EFI also enhances world communication among cultures, nations, and individuals by networking with global organizations, including the United Nations. We teach cooperative business relations and non-discrimination among the peoples of the world. We produce translations of documents related to the elaboration of world law and encourage multi-linguistic competence.

Earth Federation Institute links organizations and individuals working for a better world through democratic federal world government. We inform the Earth Federation movement. EFI instructs people to organize and democratically operate world district cooperatives, intentional communities and assemblies of world citizens.

 EFI promotes full faith and credit to participatory democratic government. We encourage and participate in the process of impartial public and private electoral observations to assure fairness and integrity in world electoral processes. Lastly, Earth Federation Institute also holds conferences, seminars, peoples assemblies, parliaments, and other international meetings to build a world of freedom, justice, and peace within a healthy planetary environment.

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