Concept Note
Creativity and Crisis is a personal podcast of Dr. Glen T. Martin.  Its purpose is to get creative ideas about how to deal with our planetary situation out to the public.  Martin himself has written some 12 books and hundreds of articles addressing our multi-dimensional planetary crises. This podcast features the similar wide-ranging visions of today’s thought leaders in dialogue with him about the crises we face as human beings concerned for the future of our beautiful planet Earth.

Most of our guests on this podcast are also activists as well as thinkers.  We welcome this dynamic synthesis of thought and action leading to a transformed and liberated human civilization. Our podcast aims to appraise the public of the range of authentic ways in which they can participate in the project of human liberation.
These spontaneous and live discussions are recorded and posted at a number of social media locations and on our own websites at www.earthconstitution.world and www.oneworldrenaissance.com.