The Philippines

People, mostly kids, swim in the polluted waters of Manila Bay
As we walked along the boardwalk at the waterfront, it became apparent that some people lived there.


This person was with me and not one of those living on the boardwalk.
Some apparently lived in their boats along this waterfront.

Small boats along the shore and cargo ships  in the background in Manila harbor.

We visited some Manila tenement slums and were surrounded by curious kids.

The courtyard between the tenement apartment buildings where kids play each day.

At the periphery of the courtyard, were people, like these women, with small shops.

Phyllis and I visited a Unitarian-Universalist Church in this slum area and talked with them about their lives and livlihoods.
Lovely people who gave us a wonderful welcome.

The sign outside the church building.   As someone long associated with the Unitarian Universalists, I was very happy to see this UU church
is a community that is not simply middle class suburban USA.

Manila rush hour traffic.

My nephew, Steven, tries out the latest fashion in bicycle rickshaws.

A very old church that is now part of a museum in the old city, within the original city walls.