Directory of Togo photos



On the map one can see the road going north from Lome on the coast.  Ghana is to the west of Togo and Benin to the east.



June 2003:

1)   Scenes from Lome in the south, Capitol of Togo

2)  Scenes from Kara in the north

3)  Scenes from the countryside in the north

4)  Traditional burial ceremony in the north

5)  Togo faces 1

6)   Togo faces 2

7)  Institute on World Problems seminar in Kara

8)  Teachers and students from INSAK, a private global school in Kara

9)  AIDS wall murals in Kara

June 2006:

1)  A variety of Togo photos

2)  A variety of Togo photos

May 2012

1) WCPA in Kara

2) WCPA in Sokode

3) WCPA on the Coast and in Lome