World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

                            We carry the future of the world in our hands


With the then President of WCPA, Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe of Sri Lanka:

“We were born for the Universe. We must not narrow our minds. We were born for humanity”
Dr. Terence Amerasinghe

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) was founded in 1958 by Philip and Margaret Isely and others. They organized people worldwide to write the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The Earth Constitution was written through a process of four Constituent Assemblies beginning in 1968 in Interlaken, Switzerland and ending in 1991 in Troia, Portugal. The assembly in Troia, Portugal, declared the Constitution finished and ready for ratification.
          The WCPA today sponsors the Earth Constitution worldwide: its study, it translation into many languages, its dissemination, and its ratification. We have active WCPA chapters in a dozen countries and membership in some 100 countries. We also affiliate with many NGOs doing excellent work in areas of human rights, climate preservation, poverty alleviation, or peace promotion. We  coordinate directly with the Earth Federation Institute (EFI), a tax-deductible organization in the USA, and together with EFI, we sponsor the World Parliament University on-line.
            It is important to recognize that the Earth Constitution is not just another draft or ideal suggestion (for example, like the “Earth Charter” on-line).  Nor is it a suggestion of sovereign nations to world together which is all the UN can do with its climate treaties and unenforceable “international laws.” The Earth Constitution is a blueprint for how we can govern our Spaceship Earth. It provides a brilliant set of global institutions through which we can establish world peace, world justice, world freedom, and planetary sustainability. Its promotion is the sum total of what WCPA is fundamentally about.


Announcing the 2021 Session of the

Provisional World Parliament

Pondicherry, India, Spring 2023. Details to be posted at this site

All are welcome to this historic event

For information see: Our Earth Constitution World Website

Some features of the Earth Constitution and the World Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement:

Unity- The world can now be united, overcoming both the East-West and the North-South divides.

World Peace- The world con now begin disarmament, replacing the war-system with a world peace-system.

Freedom- The world is now poised to break free of both capitalism and imperialism

Human Rights- The economic and political institutions are now in place to protect human rights worldwide.

Sustainability- The institutions are now in place to ensure a sustainable world system.

This images comes from the website of our sister group: Democratic World Federalists (DWF):