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These famous photos of parliaments remind us of the great dignity and responsibility associated with the legitimate functions of governing.

The World Parliament University is sponsored by the Earth Federation Institute (EFI) and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA).

It is a non-accredited, non-degree granting on-line university dedicated to educating people worldwide in global issues and their relationship to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  We have regional centers in several places around the world from which our courses and seminars are broadcast on-line.

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth calls for the creation of a World University System (Article, 17.10.j). Article 19 calls for the establishment of Provisional World Government.  The World Parliament University can therefore be considered the initial form of the World University System.

WPU professors are highly qualified scholars and world citizens who are supporters of the Earth Constitution.  An additional function of the World Parliament University is to train people in the dynamics of the Earth Constitution and in the existing world legislation (passed by sessions of the Provisional World Parliament to date) so that our certificate recipients become highly qualified persons available to staff positions within the Provisional World Government as this emerges worldwide under the authority of Article 19.

Our course offerings and certificate awards for their completion are found at the WPU website:

  The World Parliament University offers serious, scientifically based, education in all its courses.  The prestige associated with our course certificates makes them a very worthwhile investment. At the same time that one is receiving quality instruction, students are also contributing to a transformed and illuminated future for humanity characterized by peace, justice, and sustainability. They become an active part of the emerging World University System under the authority of the Earth Constitution.

World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

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